Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I've Learned Thus Far

I am a little over three weeks into this wonderful journey called Motherhood and already I've learned a lot. I thought I would share with you all what I have learned so far...

1. Nap when the Baby is sleeping-That is not an option for me. I don't know how everyone does it. Now that I am officially a stay at home mom, I feel obligated to at least clean and get chores done so the hubby doesn't come home to a messy house. Plus it takes me quite awhile to fall asleep so it never fails, the minute I do fall asleep lovebug is up crying to be fed!

2. I am a human pacifer-I was told not to give lovebug a pacifer until she is 6 weeks old so as not to promote nipple confusion. Since I am breastfeeding I did not want that to happen. However lovebug likes to play games. She will eat than fall asleep when eating. I wait awhile and snuggle with her, then change her diaper and lay her down. The minute she lays down she is up and screaming. Sometimes this is because she is still hungry. Other times she just wants to latch on and promptly fall asleep. Again the minute I lay her down she is up and screaming. So about a week ago I introduced a pacifer. I bought the soothie which I heard is a good choice for breastfeeding moms. Yea, she hates it. Another friend suggested the playtex binky. I went out this morning and bought it. Again she hates it. I don't know what to do about this!

3. Don't knock it until you try it-There were so many things I said I would never do when I became a mom. Co-sleeping was one of these things. I had seen a movie where the couple shared a bed with their multiple children! I couldn't believe it. That seemed so weird to me. Yet after becoming pregnant I found out a lot of my friends co-slept with their babies and heard all the positives about it. Still I wasn't convinced. We have two 80lb dogs that sleep on our bed. That's 4 years of learned behavior. How could we stop that? But the first two nights after coming home from the hospital and not sleeping at all since we both stood over the bassinet and watched her making sure she was breathing we decided to get one of those co-sleeper baskets. WE love it. It also makes it convenient for breastfeeding and provided relief from my c-section. Having a huge incision in your lower abdomen and having to get up constantly out of a high bed hurt horribly. So now all I have to do is reach over and pick her up. We will prolly only have her sleep with us for another month before putting her in her bassinet which is also in our room. But lesson learned, don't knock anything before you try it

4. Overwhelming Emotions-WE've all been told that the minute you hold your baby you feel an overwhelming rush of emotion for them. That is so true. Although I was surprised with how much emotion you feel. I felt like i was hit by a huge wave of emotion and I'm still reeling from it. I love her so much. I cry thinking about anything happening to her, I worry all the time and I can't imagine my life without her. I will start crying just looking at her. She is so amazing. So yes, needless to say I am an emotional wreck right now. And I mean that in the best way possible

5. Love- I never thought I could love my husband more but I was wrong again. Seeing him rocking our daughter to sleep, talking and playing with her and making up silly dupa songs makes me smile. He is such a great dad and is amazing with her. Although I do admit I am tempted to smack him over the head with my pillow during the middle of the night when he is blissfully unaware of lovebug screaming right next to him

6. Attention-You can never give your baby too much love and attention. I feel guilty when I put her down to sleep although I know I have to. If I could hold her all day I would!

7. Motherhood is amazing-I love it. Best job in the world


  1. Ahh this post makes me all warm inside! I'm glad things are going so well!

  2. Ahh... I'm sure motherhood is amazing!

  3. I'm so happy for you Katie! Motherhood truly is the best experience ever and I'm so glad you are loving it. xx

  4. Hi I'm returning the Follow <3 from TAT! Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL new baby!

    I am BFing also and used to be a human pacifier back when my Little One was young enough to fall asleep on me. I too, following the advice of doctors and books, waited 4 weeks to introduce the paci for fear of nipple confusion. Needless to say, like your Cuddle Bug, mine also hates pacifiers! {Luckily, she found her thumb, but that was at least a couple months after she was born.} Anyway, I think you'll be happy about it when you see 4 year olds still sucking on a paci while yours won't be. :o) I like to look on the bright side. :o)

    Good luck!

  5. I love being a mommy too! :) Try the NUK pacifiers...thats what Evelyn likes. I know its gotta be a pain to try and find pacifiers she will like but better then sore chapped nipples right?
    I'm scared to Co-sleep with Evelyn. Its just me in the bed. But I co-nap with her lol. I cant sleep all the time either especially with moving around the corner too much to do. but when I need the sleep I definitely try to sleep with her or at least put her to bed early.

  6. Great post! Motherhood is an amazing thing. As for the pacifiers, keep trying, sometimes at first they won't take them, or they aren't really sure what to do with them. She may get the hang of it!

  7. Great post. I hope it's easy to train him to not sleep in your bed, my friends 3 yr old still sleeps in their bed! And she is due for another baby soon!

  8. Beautiful post!! You might want to try the eat, play, sleep routine...it worked out well for me to help me find know if that baby was really hungry or just wanted to sleep! I blogged about it here...http://hewhobeganagoodwork.blogspot.com/2010/12/eat-play-sleep-routine.html if you're interested.

  9. I had a C section as well and its painful! Isn't being a mommy just the best?! I'm glad your figuring things out so quickly, it took me months to figure out the basics! Good job :)

  10. Jade won't take a paci either. Glad to hear she's not the only one! I have thought about doing the co-sleeping too!