Friday, August 26, 2011

End of the Week Random's

1. The hubs got home Tuesday night after being gone a week and left today for another week. Then he will come home for a day and be gone another week. Gotta love the army. Hurricane Irene was predicted to hit Florida as of last week but since then it is now on a path east. They still warned us to watch out for bad storms this weekend. One thing I hate is storms so I'm dreading dealing with them alone. Hopefully they won't be too bad

2. I am getting over food poisoning. Having a 6 week old who is in the middle of a growth spurt and wants to be attached to me all the time makes being sick difficult. At least it hit when the hubby was home. Today I'm feeling a little better thank god. But sprite and cracker's will be the most I'm consuming today

3. I watch way too much tv. Since becoming a stay at home mom I feel that that is all I do. And worse it's the reality tv shows I'm addicted to. I have a huge stash of books I want to read but yet don't pick them up! So one of my goals is to cut back on tv and read more. Yet as I'm typing this I am also watching tv

4. I caved and bought myself one of those Erin Condren life planner's. I had seen a deal on plum district selling them for 25.oo. At the time I skipped the deal so I had to pay full price but I hear they are totally worth it. And as someone who is list and planner obsessed I felt the money would be well spent.

5. My SIL deleted the hubs and me off facebook. I have no idea what for but we have come to the conclusion that this is for the best. she is constantly causing drama with us and pulling stuff like this. And we are just done. We are tired of getting the blame that we don't put our family first when we are the ones that live 17 hours away. WE make the effort to come home every year whenever the hubby has leave and does anyone come visit us? Nope yet we are the ones blamed for not making an effort. I don't think so. So we are done with the drama

6. My hair is driving me crazy. I'm growing both the length and the color out but I am so tempted to dye my hair. I just want my natural color which is a medium brown. I tried dying it last month to a dark brown but when I dye it darker it always fades to this rusty red. It looks awful. I wish there was some way to actually get to my natural color without having to wait for it to grow out

7.I love my little girl and being a mommy. It truly is the best thing in the world
8. I am ready for fall. I can't wait to decorate the house for halloween and take my little girl trick or treating. Well I guess I can't really take a 3 month old trick or treating but I will be dressing her up and at least pushing her around in her stroller

9. How heartbreaking is that picture of the Navy Seal's coffin with his dog laying by it. I cry every time I see it. So sad

I guess that's all for the week. I'm linking up with the MilSpouse round up over at Between the Lines. GO HERE to link up

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  1. hope you feel better soon!!! I cant imagine being sick with a 6 week old! Bless your heart!

    Boo the family drama as well! Sometimes its just best to cut ties even when they are family members!

    Hope everything gets better soon!

    Have a great weekend