Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our FurBabies

Gianna is not our first child. Before she was born we were the proud parent's of two labs. Kenzie and April. Kenzie is a 4 year old black lab which I rescued when she was a puppy before the hubs and I got married.April is a 2 year old yellow lab which we bought as our first anniversary present
Our first family photo taken in April of 2009

Let's just say the dogs ruled the roost for the last few years. They had free reign over the house, a comfortable spot on our beds at night and our undivided attention. Unless it was a random weekend getaway the dogs went with us on all our vacations.

However now that has changed since Lovebug was born. Obviously the baby gets all my attention and with the hubby being gone so much they are feeling very left out. I had envisioned us all going on walks every night but the heat has been unbearable. Even they hate to be outside. So needless to say they are cooped up in the house all day being ignored although unintentionally
Here are some pics of us introducing Gianna to the dogs

Although it has been an adjustment they have handled the baby well. When she cries they run to lick her almost as if trying to make her feel better and they immediately come find us. They also have to lay right by her and April even prefers to lay on her toys. I don't know if she is trying to exert dominance or just trying to be close to the baby.

And while at first that is cute it gets annoying. The dogs are now trying anything to get attention. They beg by the door to go outside, the minute they are let outside they are begging by the door to come inside. And I mean begging by biting and running into the outside door. Now I have a door that needs to be replaced. When Gianna and I are sitting on the couch they are literally sitting on top of my feet and refuse to move when I try and get up. I don't know how many times I have almost fallen while holding Gianna since the dogs are constantly in my way and under my feet. When I finally am able to eat something the dogs are sitting directly in front of me drooling all over me. Yes ladies, I am one hot mom covered in baby spit up and doggy drool.
Cleaning the house has become even more of a chore. I try to clean whenever Gianna is sleeping but the dogs contribute to the mess. They get their water all over the floor, drag in sand and mud from outside and fragments of their bones are everywhere. I am now cleaning the floors multiple times a day. It's exhausting when you are going on 4 hours of sleep and barely have time to shower or take a break yourself
I sent the hubs a sos text message today saying Mommy needed a break. It's sad when it's the dogs I need a break from. They are driving me crazy

That being said I know this is a huge change for them. I am looking forward to the weather cooling down so we can get the dogs outside and either walk them or play in the back yard with them. I think that will help big time. I'm sure they feel like they are being replaced and I know we need to do something to change that. But all in all they have been very good with her. I can't wait until she is crawling after them and trying to play with them. I just need to remain patient with them!

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  1. I loved this post! I miss having dogs but right now we just aren't meant to have them. Soon enough! I used to follow you regularly but fell off the blogging for a while... Well... I am back.. and LOVE your new (to me at least) layout! And your ADORABLE daughter!! Lots of love to you and your precious family!!

    xoxo, Amanda