Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Hot Mama

Now that I am cleared to resume working out I def am ready to start. I always have had an issue with body image. I'm short, curvy and athletically shaped. No matter how much I try I can never achieve the long thin legs I in-vision in my head. It took me awhile to get comfortable with the fact that I have hips and a bigger butt. I'm not fat by any means, just cury. Of course my weight fluctuates within a 10 pound range when the hubs is gone or home. Before getting pregnant I was 10 pounds heaver than I would have liked to be.

One thing I had a major issue with though was buying clothes that fit. I'm usually a healthy size 8 but due to my bad body image and my feeling about my bigger hips and butt I would buy bottoms in a size 12. The hubs was always telling me my clothes were falling off but I didn't listen. When I looked in the mirror I felt fat.

Needless to say I was able to wear most of my bottom's all throughout my pregnancy. Conceding with the fact that the hubby was correct about my clothing sizes and gaining a new appreciation with my pre pregnancy body. I look back at pictures and although i was a little heavier than what I wanted to be, I no longer see a fat girl. I see someone who is athletic and healthy and I would give anything to have that body back. So since I was able to fit into most of my clothes during my pregnancy I was convinced I would quickly fit right into them.

WRONG! Those bottom's that fit so great up until my 9th month. No longer fit. And of the 27 pounds I gained during this pregnancy I only have 8 more to lose. What the heck. My thighs and butt are huge! I can barely squeeze on my shorts. I thought my stomach would be the problem but besides a tiny amount of flab that just needs toning it is my bottom half that seems bigger. Everyone tells me this is normal, that my body is adjusting and my weight is redistributing.So there is nothing I can do about it besides getting my butt in gear.

So once I got my clearance to work out I decided that I needed to start doing something to help my clothes fit again. The only problem is I don't belong to a gym. I have a Y membership for 2 states that doesn't carry over to the Y here in town. None of the gym's here allow children under 6 months and the gym on post is 30 minutes away. Some of you might tell me to go to the gym when the husband comes home from work. But when he's gone for the next month or coming home after 9pm that's just not possible. I also planned on taking lovebug for a walk every evening in her stroller but with the temps in the high 90's and the crazy heat index of about 115 I stay put in my nice and cold house! So today I pulled out my workout video's purchased shortly before getting pregnant when I was trying to lost those pesky ten pounds and I am going to slowly ease into the workout routine

Any other workout's that you recommend? And although this is a post about my weight and body image, and I come off as complaining about my body shape after baby, I no longer look in the mirror and think I'm fat. Sure it bother's me that clothes aren't fitting like they should but what matter's is my beautiful baby girl and knowing that I gave birth to her. These last 8 pounds and bigger thigh's are more than worth it.


  1. crossfit!! (some women have actually done crossfit workouts, modified, throughout their pregnancies. craziness.)
    and lots of squats.
    (some of the crossfit gyms, while expensive, also have childcare available. but you can def. crossfit on your own/in a regular gym and just modify as needed.)

  2. I love turbojam! I lost 17 pounds of baby weight that would just not come off with it, and am trying to lose another 20. It's so fun and I can do it at home. I bought the Fat Blaster, Five Rockin Workouts and Cardio Party 2 off of Amazon for a great deal. Lots of fun ( and I HATE to exercise).
    ps-i hope you don't think i'm a blog stalker since I comment so much...i can just relate to the newborn things you've been blogging about lately! :)

  3. wow, i feel like i am reading my own story! you can do it, girl, and dont be ashamed of your new body. i understand trying to be okay with how things redistribute- it's hard! i love the jillian michaels 30 day shred-- you will be in pain. i just ordered the Tracey Anderson method-- i havent done it yet, but i hear it's amazing. Good luck!

  4. Jillian's 30 Day Shred is the best work out and it almost killed me so I only managed to last a few days. :( I wasn't a huge fan of the 1st workout so I did the 2nd one and actually thought it wasn't as difficult for me.