Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Bachelor Pad

I had to dedicate my whole post today to my favorite obsession The Bachelor Pad. I'm not sure it's even possible but I feel since having Gianna I've become even more addicted to reality tv. In my defense I need something to watch at night when I'm up every two hours!

So let's get started

First- Kasey, you are a tool! When he was on Ali's season I thought he was overbearingly sweet, borderline obsessive but in his own way cute. Not someone I would ever date but to each their own. But after seeing him on the show, my god what a dick. He's so full of himself. And when he made his stupid tattoo "beat" over protecting Vienna. Gag me. I would be pissed If a guy I was dating had gotten a tattoo for some other girl he knew for five seconds and then kept showing off the tattoo but saying it symbolized me. And his voice. Drives me insane

Vienna- you are so fake. And ugly but that's being really mean. I can't stand people like her who do everything for attention. I love when she's hyperventilating in a corner but looking around and making sure people are watching her. And is anyone else so sick of her constantly thanking Kasey for protecting her. What exactly is he protecting her from? Come on. And I absolutely loved when Chris Harrison flat out told her to leave when she tried starting drama. I can't stand her or Kasey. They deserve each other. Two fake, self absorbed people.

Gia- I do like Gia. Though I'm not sure why she was let on for another season of the Bachelor Pad. Last season she played both sides and this season she tried too as well. Which makes it funny that she left because people were playing her. Interesting

Mike- I love him. He seems so sweet and when he was crying over Holly my heart broke for him. He truly loves her

Holly- the jury is still out. I can't figure out if she still loves Mike or not. I do hope however she doesn't hook up with Blake,
And could I please have her hair? And the tutu type outfit she wore at the rose ceremony. I want it. Finding a place to wear it however may be difficult

Kirk- love love love him. He was my favorite on Ali's season. I wish they showed more of him. He seems so honest and genuine. Plus I find him very attractive

Ames- who didn't start tearing up when he ran after the car with Jackie in it. He looked so devastated when it started pulling away. I'm glad he ran after her. She is a lucky girl

Jake- I liked him at first on Jillians season but thought it was a little over the top when he came back and warned her about Wes. Then on the bachelor he started to annoy me. He seemed too nice and perfect. But I hated Vienna from his season and couldn't believe he picked her. I feel so bad for him. He is trying to make things cordial with Vienna and Kasey an they are so mean to him. If Vienna didn't care about him still she wouldn't be acting the way she is in my opinion. If you are truly happy in your relationship with Kasey then she should just leave Jake alone and ignore him. Happiness is the best revenge after all. So again I never though I'd be team Jake but that poor guy. I feel bad for him

One thing I didn't like on this season is the egg game they played. Having people toss eggs at the person they thought was the most unattractive was horrible and demeaning. I think they took that game a little too far

With that being said, I can't wait till next weeks episode

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  1. Loving every second of reading this post! Now I can admit that I am obsessed with it too and know there are others out there!

  2. Last week I was bored, three hours was WAY too long, but Last night was good. The Jake and Vienna drama is crazy. At first I believe Jake, then I started to believe Vienna, now I am leaning more towards Jake again after the way Vienna acted. I thought the whole Ames and Jackie things was SO cute. I hope they last!!! I do love all the bachelor and bachelorette shows.

    Since you like reality tv, do you watch Big Brother at all?

  3. I have NOT watched this season :( UGH!!!!!

    I watched every episode last season religiously, I even watched a couple episodes twice. . . so what??


    so I LOVE this update bc now I don't feel so retarded for not being updated on things!!!! I need to hulu it up!!!!!