Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home Alone

Thanks ladies for all your comments regarding yesterday's post. At her next appt I will be bringing up my concerns with the dr. The hubs thinks I'm paranoid but I'd rather be safe than sorry

Speaking of the hubs, after his ten day paternity leave ended he started training for some class he had to take. Not only was he working long hours but for the next month he will be gone pretty much every night except one doing training in a nearby area. So basically lovebug and I will see him one day a week. Gotta love the army huh!

You would think after numerous deployments I'd be ok with sleeping alone. Nope. I still sleep with the tv on along with all the lights. I can't help it. I freak myself out. And this time is my first time alone in our new house. The area we live in while developed has no streetlights at all and there's a vacant lot behind our house. So at night it's kind of creepy

The first night M was gone I woke up at 4am for lovebugs feeding. I was in our bedroom and had left the kitchen light on. I was looking out into the kitchen when I saw what looked like light from a flashlight being flashed in through our back patio door. I immediately freaked out but then calmed myself down by saying if someone was there the dogs would be going crazy. 5 mins later the dogs are running to the back door and barking. Perfect! A few minutes later they quieted down and came back into my room. I told myself it was nothing and somehow went back to bed

The next night the same thing happened minus the light. Freaky
Last night I kept the porch and patio light on all night along with more lights on in the house and all was quiet. Thank the lord

So I'm chalking it all up to my over active imagination. It doesn't help that Fx keeps showing those creepy previews for that new show an American Horror story. That is not what I need to be watching when home alone! I can't wait till this class is over and the hubs is home

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  1. Oh I hate being home alone over night! Especially during a long deployment.. I'm glad everything is ok and thank goodness for dogs :)

  2. I am still not used to being home by myself! Kyle has been gone 3 months now and I still am up until 3am trying to fall sleep. :)

  3. So Im sitting here reading your blog getting all into this scary flashlight intruder when my husband opens the door to bring our puppy back in. . .scared me half to death!!!!!!!!! It is 10 at night and I just flipped!!!! thanks a lot hun!!!!!


    but seriously, that is SCARY. . . I would be so scared and flipping out, but I have an active imagination too!! sometimes not good :/

  4. This is funny. I'm OK being in an apartment that only has one way in/out... but being in a house alone- yeah.. no. Couldn't do it. The crazy part is I have to sleep with the TV off to make sure I hear EVERYTHING. I can't wait until my husband is back.

  5. I totally understand! I get freaked out over everything and sleep with lots of lights on. Luckily we have a dog too that barks a lot, but other than that I'm not sure she'd be much help! Glad all things were ok!