Friday, August 12, 2011

My Week on Pinterest

One of my favorite blogger's and good friends Mrs G.I.Joe started a fun new blog party. Since pinterest is the new big thing she created My Week on Pinterest. Everyone can link up and share some of the favorite things they found on pinterest this week.

And I just had to join in. I've been spending a lot of time on there lately and am obsessed.Visit Mrs G.I.Joe and join in on the fun

Even though Gianna is only 4 weeks old it's never too late to start planning her first birthday party.Isn't this a cute idea

And we are def doing a smash cake photo session for when she turns 1

I love this tattoo!

I so want my hallway and living room to look like this

Cute Halloween decorating idea

I love her hair. I love the dark roots and lighter hair on the bottom. I'm trying to grow my hair out and copy this look but I'm getting impatient and just want to dye my hair

I love pining!


  1. Oh yes I am super obsessed, my posts would be like 100 photos long lol :-)

  2. Happy 1 month birthday to Gianna!!

    Lol I started planning Lucy's birthday pretty early too. Its just too much fun to plan girly parties. We did a cake smash too. A couple of them because it took a while for her to get into the taste. I hadn't realized that because we were fairly strict with Lucy she doesn't like much sugar so she would barely touch her cakes for a while. My best advice is like a month before her birthday give her periodic tastes of something sweet. Even just plain cake at first. Only a couple bites each time. Then when you do a cake smash shoot she will know what to do with it and you get great pics :)