Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Review

I was dreading this weekend. I had to drop mom off Friday afternoon for her fight home and I was dreading it. This would be my first weekend alone since M left. I was grateful to have work to keep me busy but due to some cancellations I was off by 3. I started on the drive home to an empty apartment. Luckily my neighbor brought her dog over to play with mine and we hung out for a bit. As nice as it was, her puppy is extremely irritating.she was all over my furniture, shit all over my house and ripped a hole in my couch. Oh well. So at 8 I said I wasn't feeling well and went off to bed

Saturday morning I brought my dogs to my neighbors house and while the dogs played we played with her Kinect. The dance game she had was so much fun. After playing and running errands I went home and napped before going with a friend to see Country Strong. I loved loved this movie. It wasn't cheesy like I thought it's be and the acting was fantastic!

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early to head to Durham, Nc to go seethe broadway musical the Lion King with my friends for one of their birthdays! The musical was fantastic. Beautiful sets, props and costumes. The dances were amazing and the performers were superb. It was truly a great show.
After the show we went to the Cheesecake Factoy for dinner. Baby Finn is loving their red velvet cheesecake

Today I'm back to work. My niece and sister in law are coming to visit on Thursday and tonight I'm going out to dinner for my friends birthday! It's going to be a fun week

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  1. The Red Velvet cheesecake is the best! Those little bits of white chocolate on the top....I die!

  2. Glad your weekend turned out well. I saw the Lion King in Vegas and it was AMAZING! Loved it.