Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Murphy

Murphy is back and let me say I have not missed him. Perhaps many of you are familiar with him. You know the man that creeps in and wreaks havoc around your house and in your life almost immediately after your husband leaves. I forgot all about Murphy and let me tell you he was quite upset with me and wanted to be reintroduced into my life.

Here's how it all started. Thursday when I was at home on a work break I was playing with my dogs and my mom was watching tv. My yellow lab was laying on her back and I noticed a black piece of fuzz on her. Well it wasn't fuzz, it was a flea and after closer inspection I saw some more. My mom checked out my other dog and sure enough bites and fleas. Now the dogs had to have gotten them recently since we had just come
Back from WI and it's not flea season there. Plus we called my dad and none of their dogs had fleas. So of course I panicked since I knew that I couldn't be around flea chemicals or treatments when pregnant. Mom and I went to Pet Smart and they gave me a pill for the dogs that will kill fleas and protect them for a month and explained that blue dawn dish soap will kill them. They also said since we only found three on each dog that we caught it in time before an outbreak. So we went home, washed every piece of bedding, towel or clothing they might have touched and mom bathed the dogs twice. We have yet to see any more fleas and their itching has decreased. Phew problem resolved

Today Mom and I got up to do some grocery shopping. We came home to find all our neighbors standing outside the apartment and you could hear the fire alarms going off. I flew into a parking spot and ran into my apt to grab the dogs. The thought of anything happening to them terrifies me. The alarms were so loud they were shaking and trembling. I got them outside and we all waited for the fire trucks to come. Not only were the alarms going off but everyones indoor alarms were going off as was very loud and only maintenance can turn those off. Oh and did I say maintenance is off on Sunday and the guy is new and knew nothing about the alarm system. It toll about a good 2 hours for them to all be turned off.
And there was no fire. Turns out the neighbor across from me was moving things around in his apt and knocked the indoor sprinkler with a gold club. The sprinkler would not turn off and sprayed in the middle of his living room. Within minutes his apt was flooding. Everything inside was ruined and the water was rushing out of his apartment. It came up to my door but didn't enter so no damage here. It did unfortunately seep into my friends apt who lives next to the guys whose apart flooded. Her husband is also gone and so my mom and her had to move all her furniture out of the living room. They are in the process of ripping up her carpet as I write and my poor neighbor is trying to save whatever he can of his belongings.

Good thing at least is that I had my mom here. I dont know what I'd do without her!

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  1. Wow, that's crazy about the flooding and fire alarms. I feel bad for both of your neighbors!

  2. Wow that is pretty crazy. I would have had a heart attack coming home to that.

  3. I am so happy your mom was there with you! I think if that were me, the dogs and I would be snoozing at the Marriott that night.

  4. That sucks for your neighbor. But super super super lucky that your mom was there!

  5. As for the flea problem I can totaly relate, we have a bad flea problem at our complex due to stray cats :/ Not only that but they seem to LOVE my dogs! We have been giving our dogs garlic yeast pills but we won't see a difference until it starts warming up. Hopefully they won't come back!