Friday, January 14, 2011

Lab Results

So last week I told y'all about my high blood pressure at the Drs office. When at my appt she told me she wanted me to have some extra labs taken to determine if I really do have high blood pressure. I was so confused! He does blood work show you have high blood pressure. I kept asking her and she just kept saying she was ordering labs. Finally I must have asked the right question for she explained that people who have high blood pressure generally have problems with the functioning of their kidneys and liver. So that will show up in the lab work. Apparently they look for protein and Uric acid in my blood. She also explained that this would help get a baseline for me so that If I continue to have high bp at my dr apts than they can just keep reordering these labs to see if the results had changed at all.

So off I went to have more vials of blood taken. Have I mentioned I hate having blood drawn! And at the lab they also gave me a container so I could do a 24 hour urine collection. They wanted me to do it the following day but since I travel from house to house for work I couldnt really drag along a gallon of urine to be refrigerated!

So this weekend I did my collection and turned it in. I got up the nerve to call today for my lab results and.....

They all came back great. No protein in my urine and no protein or Uric acid in my blood therefore indicating I really do have anxiety induced high blood pressure at the dr's

Mom and I have been monitoring my bp all week so I have documentation to take in. We've taken my bp on both arms at all hours of the day after periods of resting or coming in from work and they've all been perfectly normal. I actually run on the low side of normal. So now when I go to the dr's I just have to make sure the nurse will wait with me and take it more than once

I am so relieved that my tests came back perfectly normal, excellent according to the dr today and that I have nothing to worry about! I also took the annoyed army wives advice and schedule a few prenatal massages, one the night before my next appt. Hopefully that will do the trick and relax me!!

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  1. YAY! I am happy that they came back normal! I hope your next app is a good one.

  2. That is wonderful!! Now you just have to try and relax so the nurses don't get in a tizzy.

  3. Yay, good. White collar syndrome I think is what that is called. I hope you're pregnancy is going okay and your time with your mom has been good!

  4. Ahh, that giant jug of urine. I know it well. I had the joy of doing it while still living with housemates (since HB was deployed) Not something you want to keep in a communal fridge ;)
    Glad to hear that all is well!

  5. I'm happy to hear your lab results came back good. And I'm excited to hear about your prenatal massages!

  6. so glad everything came back ok... I had high BP with MAVERIC was on bedrest from 32 weeks on!! then with this baby I have already been off 6 weeks because of high BP it is not fun!! Soooo glad u don't have pregnancy induced hypertension. Take it easy.

  7. That is really wonderful news.
    I too have anxiety induced high bp (white coat syndrome) I understand completely ;)