Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love snow days!

We woke up Tuesday morning to find the white fluffy snow had been covered in a sheet of ice. So again there was a snow day! And due to refreezing issues there's a snow day again today!! I'm loving the fact that the south is not equipped with equipment for this kind of weather. Who doesn't want some unexpected days off of work to lay around and relax! I'm not complaining!

Growing up as a kid in Wisconsin the chances of a snow day were slim to none. My last snow day occurred when i was in grade school and I think it only happened because we also had bad ice that froze the pipes at my school. Every time it snowed I would anxiously await and hope for a snow day. So these past few days have been exciting for me. Plus mom got to stay an extra day and we were able to spend more time together. she is supposed to leave this morning but we will see the status of her flight. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's cancelled again

And I hope I didn't offend the southerners out there. I obviously realize the town doesn't have snow plows and salt trucks like in Wisconsin and Thats why the town closes down. I'm happy it did. We may be used to snow in Wisconsin but when it snows we don't have special vehicles or snow tires or chains on our cars. We drive the same cars y'all have down here. We just obviously are more accustomed to driving in this kind of weather. And 35 degrees in Wisconsin is warm. Here it's cold! It's crazy the differences in other parts of the country. That's one thing I love about being an army wife. You get to experience different areas and climates.

regardless of where your from the roads are very icy here in my part of town. There were 137 car accidents in town yesterday alone. So please if you have to drive, drive slowly, don't slam on the brakes even if you lose control of the car, pump them instead and steer the car in the direction your spinning in. Although I'm a Wisconsinite at heart, I haven't lived there for almost two years and have not driven myself in snowy weather in that amount of time so common sense for me is to stay off the roads. So again I'm going to take full advantage of these snow days and relax at home. I'm loving living in the south where this weather is unheard of for the most part. Makes me appreciate the snow and my days off of work even more!

Enjoy the snow everyone. Today I went and dropped mom
Off at the airport only to head back an hour later to pick her up. Her flight was cancelled and she stuck here until Friday!! Yay for me. More time with mom. Have I mentioned how much I love snow in the south!


  1. We are opposite...I am used to getting snow days since I am from Kentucky...but in New York, they don't bat an eye at this stuff. No snow days here :(

  2. We never get snow days in Rhode Island. We get snow all the time, and it's not a big deal. We actually had the day off today because they wanted to plow the roads with little to no one on the roads. Went over well and we will be back to work tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed your day off as much as I did.!!

  3. I live in Michigan and I would pray for snow days...I still do! :)

  4. I had two snow days and was starting to get a little stir-crazy. The roads were not bad today, I can't believe Cumberland county schools did not have school!

  5. We had snow days today and yesterday and there is already a slew of conversations going on on FB wondering about tomorrow. Some of the neighborhoods in our district are a bit rural and the buses are having a hard time getting back to the houses. After two days, though, I'm starting to stress about all the work that is waiting for me at school...and the due dates that come with it! :-S