Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

We had a snow day yesterday in town and another one today. As Mom and I were watching the Packer game Sunday afternoon they started forecasting snow for Monday evening. About an hour later school cancellations started coming in. My mom was shocked. In Wisconsin they don't close for anything so she couldn't believe that schools were already closing for the next day when there was no snow on the ground or falling! We went to bed that night expecting to wake up to nothing

I was up at 530am and sure enough the grounds were covered. My area of Nc in total received 6 inches of snow. Now while this isn't a lot for this Wisconsite this is alot for the south considering the city has no snow plows or salt trucks. In other words the town closes down completely. Post was closed, schools were closed and the forecast now consisted of freezing rain so cancellations were also coming in for Tuesday

Mom and I enjoyed a lazy day at home watching movies. She was supposed to leave tonight but her flight was cancelled so it looks like another pajama day for us!

If y'all got snow hope you are enjoying your snow day and be careful If you have to drive in it. I personally am not afraid to drive in it but people down here have no clue. Yesterday my friend had to drop her husband off to deploy and she said people weren't even trying to stop at lights or stop signs nor were they driving for the conditions. There were countless cars in ditches and numerous accidents. So home is where I'll be staying

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  1. Whenever we live somewhere with 'non-snow' people we always stay home during a storm, even though we're from Chicago. People just don't know how to drive in it. I hope it warms up and melts off so you don't have to shovel.

  2. I think its hilarious when people freak ovr 6 inches. I am from northern Utah and we are like in it completly and still driving. I never had a snow day in school. Hope you have fun on your last days with your mom :)

  3. To each their own. It isn't the snow we southerners are afraid of, hun. Its the fact that we live in a city that doesn't salt the roads or have snow plows. No one here has all terrain tires or anything that other areas of the country use when its cold out. I personally don't even own clothing warm enough for snowy weather or even have much of an idea how to dress for it. So its more about being underprepared to handle icy roads. And of course the drivers who don't know how to drive in it because they've seen snow a handful of times their whole life.

    But I guess I still laugh at people who complain about the heat in North Carolina. I was quite comfortable last summer since I came from an area of the country that has 70 degree Christmases and 100% humidity in January. Our summers are literally like living in a sauna. So when people complain that its 90 degrees out with 50% humidity I tend to laugh too.

  4. Aw sounds like fun day with your mom! Glad your warm & safe

    Have a Blessed Day!

  5. I want snow! It's supposed to snow a little today, but I want a no work snow day:-)

  6. We only got about 3 inches of snow here. We knew on Friday afternoon that schools were delaying for Monday. By Sunday evening, schools were closed completely for Monday. Schools are still closed. And will be on Wednesday as well. Road are still closed. And will be Wednesday as well. 3 inches is not a lot at all, but in our area of the south we do not have the equipment to get rid of snow and ice so we are at the mercy of mother nature. =)

  7. I just drive my hummer when it snows here... I just don't get why everyone doesn't do the same. :)