Monday, September 12, 2011

Settling In

The hubs has finally finished the class he was in. He will finally be home with us again. The last five weeks of him being gone 5 days and home for 2 has sucked. Not so much for me, as I'm used to him being gone but for Gianna and him. Obviously at 2 months she doesn't know what's going on but except for his 10 days paternity leave he hasn't been able to spend much time with her.I know this has killed him. In these last few weeks her and I have settled into a routine and when he would come home I could sense he felt like an outsider.

Gianna is what is considered a "high needs" baby according to some of the books I've read. She wants to be held at all times and gets very fussy in the evening. When the hubs would come home he wasn't sure what to do. And since I'm breastfeeding her I was an instant source of comfort. I remember running to the grocery store for 30 mins the night before he was set to leave again only to come home to the hubs on our front porch smoking and a screaming baby inside the house. He was so upset because he said he didn't know what to do to calm her down that he had to step outside. (He wasn't annoyed or irritated by her crying, he just felt useless)

I've had to explain countless times that she just has to get to know him. That she just needs to bond with him a little due to his absence. And don't get me wrong, he is great with her. He sings to her, walks her around the house and loves playing with her on her floor mat. But the minute she cries he freezes. It also upsets him when she falls asleep easily on me and not on him.

It is kind of funny to see my big tough army man be so outdone by a baby. Luckily he will be home now for awhile so he will be able to spend quality time with her. And I must admit I've had a hard time of letting go and letting him take over. I've had to bite my tongue when he has done something not necessarily wrong but different that I would do. Or to not re-do things he has done. Like last night after bath time he was playing with her while putting on her pj's or night nights as we call them in our house. Anyway I come into the room to her in pj's that are huge on her. When I asked what size they were he said 3-6mths. Keep in mind she is 2mths old and just outgrew her newborn clothes a week ago. I debated about what to do, quietly change her outfit, comment about how big they were on her or just leave it alone. I decided to leave it alone. I know he is trying so hard to make up for lost time

And I have to laugh at how clueless men are sometimes. Saturday night lovebug would not sleep. She seemed to think her play time wasw from 3-530am. So of course I was up with her all night. Hubby slept peacefully through it all. So sunday morning at 8am I shook him awake and handed her to him asking him to change her diaper so I could sleep for 10 more minutes. He did and after that got up to make breakfast. I fed her and walked into the kitchen where he told me to go back to bed. I gladly did thinking he was going to watch her so I could sleep. 5 minutes later he walks in, lays down a wide awake baby and leaves to get a hair cut. MEN!! And what was even funnier was that he didn't get it. He thought he was doing me a favor and letting me sleep. Oh well I was able to catch a nap with her later on.

I can't wait till the hubs gets home tonight so we can go for a family walk. And before I go I'll leave you with a pic of my love's

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  1. ahhh how cute!! this makes me wonder what Pauls going to do. Paul would probably be the same way with the sleeping thing.