Friday, September 16, 2011

2 mth appt

Yesterday Gianna had her two month well baby appt. I was dreading this one since this was the dreaded 2 month shot appt. I've been on the fence about vaccines. I know what you all are thinking but hear me out

After working with kids with autism who wouldn't be paranoid about vaccines. I'm in no way saying they cause autism, all I'm saying is that some research suggests that some kiddos are born with weakened immune systems. And that when they get multiple shots at one time it can bring out pre existing conditions that may or may not have come out later in life.

Before I had her I was convinced we would space them apart or do the delayed vaccine schedule. My nurse of a mother was horrified. Kids have been getting shots for years and they are perfectly safe. Just the other day she was telling me about how in Wi there is a measles outbreak due to kids not being vaccinated. That scared me. So I spoke with Giannas dr about it. He explained that the current schedule is the safest combination of the shots in years. He said if I spaced out the shots they may not be as effective. So I did what I thought was best and she got all of her shots.

It was awful. I cried. Seeing her scrunch up her face, turn bright red and scream did me in. But I know it's what's best for her

She def slept a lot yesterday. In fact I got my first 7 hour stretch of sleep! And every time she woke up she would give this little scream. It was heartbreaking. Today again she has been sleeping alot, not eating as much and just wants to be cuddled. Hopefully tomm she will be more alert

I also discussed with her dr my concerns about her sleeping. After falling asleep for the night she sleeps three hours, then wakes up every two after that. But sometimes she doesn't want to eat. She wants to comfort suck and will only fall asleep being held or while attached to me. When she puts down she screams. He laughed and said this was perfectly normal. That she is trying to figure our and adjust to her own routine and schedule. I was told pushing it and making her conform to a schedule would only make me more tired! So at least I felt justified that I have been doing things right

I will be back Monday with her officiall two month update.

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  1. I've debated on when I have kids, what will I do in regards to their shots. I too have read the scary info about autism being related to their shots. I'm glad you posted these opinions. THanks

  2. We're doing our own vaccine schedule. I know we're going to get some flack for it, especially since we're not getting some vaccines at all, but we're doing what we feel is right for the baby.

    A great book we read is called "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Sears. I highly recommend it! It's a very impartial view at all the vaccines and their schedule.

  3. Not trying to start a debate, but everything I've read about vaccines and autism comes down to the doctor who said this, lied. He came out and said there was no correlation between the two. Our son gets all of his shots on schedule (he's 5 months, so he's had 2 sets) and he acts pretty much the same as your daughter is for a few days after, then is fine. The only one we skipped was Hepatitis B, because it's only passed through fluids, so his risk is next to nothing until he enters school. We did this at our doctor's recommendation!

    It's so hard to watch them cry though, so I definitely feel you there!

  4. What a fun (but stressful) time for you!!! My kiddos are older, 8 and 6, but I remember debating with myself on if I were doing the right thing with all those vaccines!!! I felt like I was going into Womack Army Med Center WAY too much!! You're doing a divine job!!!