Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Beauty of Parenting

Thanks ladies for all the comments on my book review. I have a whole stack of parenting books I plan on reading and reviewing so it's not strictly limited to BabyWise
Again I feel that everyone has different view points and beliefs about the type of parent they want to be and the methods they want to follow. That's the joy about parenting. It's your kid and the way you chose to raise them it's up to you. It shouldnt matter what someone else thinks or believes. How I chose to raise my baby may be different from yours and although I may not agree with one method it doesn't meant that I think that method is wrong. Just like although you may not agree with my method it also doesn't mean that it's wrong. Since I am a huge book nerd I have found many contradictory things about each parenting method. Some books bash attachment parenting, other books support it. Some bash the Ferber method and BabyWise, others support it. I am just trying to make myself as educated as possible while following what my own Dr tells me and following my own instincts. And I feel that it is working so far. Like I also stated, before Gianna was born I thought BabyWise would be the book for us. But due to the type of baby she is right now it's not. She is on as much of a schedule as can be right now. And she has started sleeping longer during the night. Yay for more sleep for me! I don't care if I have to hold her more often than some other babies need to be held, they are only little once and in a few years she will be screaming at me and slamming doors in my face! Well maybe not a few years but ya never know!

Parenting is a complex and amazing job. I'm sure any new parent can attest to the fact that with your first you are stumbling along with blinders on. People are constantly telling you one thing whole someone tells you another. There were so many things I swore I'd never do that we are doing right now. In the end the only thing that matters is you and your baby.

Next up on my list to read and review is The No Cry Sleep solution. I also had read about the book Cinderella ate my daughter which I just picked up from the library so hopefully I'll crack open the books and have a review soon for ya!

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  1. I love this post! I think it is so important for people to recognize that parenting is personal and it's intimate and it's a decision because you, your spouse, and your babies. You know your daughter best and you know what's best for her and no one else can tell you how you should be doing things. Love the book reviews!