Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Family Vacation and Photos

My whole family came to visit us the first week of August. My grandparent's will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this November and decided to celebrate it by going on one big family vacation. Now my grandma is terrified of traveling. Won't leave Wisconsin but decided to venture out of her comfort zone and come visit us down in Florida so she could meet her great granddaughter. So my parent's, brother and his girlfriend, my cousin's and their significant other's along with my aunt and grandparent's all came down for a visit.
It was a blast having everyone in town.I am so blessed to have had that time with them and for Gianna to meet everyone. We won't be going home until this coming July so it would have been awhile before Gianna was able to meet everyone. Since this was a special occasion we also had a photographer come out and take family photo's of everyone. I am so glad we had them taken, especially since they will be a great keepsake for Gianna. Family is very important to me and I miss being near my family every day. I only wish we all lived closer to each other! Now onto picture overload

Here is the house my family rented

Our Little Family

The Whole Family

My brother and Gianna. He is also her Godfather

My Dad and Gianna

My Mom, Grandma and Gianna

My Mom, Me and Gianna

The Great Grandparents and Gianna

Another pic with My mom and Gianna

This is my favorite pic of the three of us

My Family. My parent's, brother his girlfriend and the three of us

The whole clan

My Dad, My Aunt and my grandparent's

My adorable grandparent's. Married for 60 years


  1. Sooo cute! I LOVE all the fun family pics! The last one of the three of you guys is the CUTEST thing ever!

  2. So fun! THe pictures turned out great! How awesome that your grandma got to meet Gianna!

  3. What an awesome house! I love the black & white colors chosen for the family photos, they look great with that white sand/ocean =)

  4. absolutely loved the pics, you will definitely cherish them for life.

  5. absolutely loved all your photos! you've got a very beautiful family!! Congrats on the newborn :)