Sunday, September 11, 2011


10 years ago our nation was attacked. 10 years later that attack is still impacting the world

I was a senior in high school when the twin towers were attacked. My understanding of the world changed forever that day. My safe bubble was shattered and talks of war, terrorist attacks and Al Queda became every day topics.

Although my life wasn't directly affected by the attacks that day, now ten years later it is. My husbands job is a result of the terror attacks that fateful day. him and thousands others put their lives on the line to ensure that something like 9.11 never happens again.

I have been staying away from the news coverage today. I was watching some of it the other day and could not stop crying. It breaks my heart to hear the survivors stories,and to hear the stories of those who lost loved ones.

I watched one segment about the wish kids of 9.11. One two year old lost his dad. He said he didn't know which was worse, not remembering his dad at all or never getting the chance to know him. His sister who is now a teenager said she gets upset when her friends complain about their dads being strict, or not letting them stay out past curfew. She then went on to say how she wishes her dad was here to say those things.

All those lives lost 10 years ago. May they not be in vain. For those that say this war is stupid never forget why we are there in the first place

Not only does 9.11 make me
Sad it makes me scared. Scared that something like this will happen again and scared about when the hubby will be returning to Afghanistan which will be soon. And I'm scared for my daughter. That she will grow up in a world with increasing hatred and war

But today I remember those that were killed ten years ago. Gone but never forgotten.

So regardless you viewpoint of the war and what political stance you take, today should also serve as a reminder that life is short. Always tell those you love them and never take anything for granted

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  1. Please thank your husband for me for all that he does. My family lost a close friend that day, and I really admire all of the men and women who work with your husband and fight to keep us safe. My prayers are with your family and all of the other military families out there. xo.

  2. I appreciate you and your husband's service to the people of our country.