Thursday, September 29, 2011


I love Halloween.I think it is one of my favorite "holiday's. Now this year I have a reason to love it even more. I am so excited to take Gianna to the pumpkin patch, carve pumpkin's, take her on a hayride, go to all the fall festival's here in town and take her trick or treating

And I'm so excited about her costume. Gianna will be a ...

Ladybug!. I can't wait to dress her up in this and take picture's

The town we live in has a fall festival the weekend of Halloween. They have a big block party in the downtown area and adult's and children can come dressed up and go trick or treating.

Now I am all for dressing up for Halloween. This year however I will not be dressing up as a "slutty" pirate, cop, referee, etc that I have in the past. I was thinking of making myself a red/black tutu and pairing that with some leggings and dressing up like a ladybug as well

But then I got to thinking. Am I to old to dress up? Do any of you dress up with your little one's?


  1. oh yeah TOTALLY dressing up, its my FAVORITE holiday. and since i make my costume every year it's always TOP secret- but i will say that my idea this year is totally kid friendly and will be very fun for baby and i!

    and that halloween block party sounds SO FUN! i wish we had something like that but we live out in the sticks... were talking NO TRICK OR TREATERS even come to our place- haha

  2. My little one was a lady bug last year and I made my own "mama bug" red top with black spots and the words mama bug and then got myself an antenna headband and took her out that way <3 super fun! I am going to dress up with my princess too!

  3. So cute! I always want to dress up but it never works out. Although a few years ago I did wear a wig.

  4. I am dressing Nora up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - I found little red sparkly shoes for her. And I'm dressing up as Glinda the Good Witch and Paul is going as the Lion lol. So no - you are never to old to dress up :)