Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear next to something happening to me and leaving Gianna motherless are tornado's. You would think growing up in the midwest I would be used to storm's and tornado's. Granted they are nothing like you see in Oklahoma and Texas but summer's in Wisconsin are prone to a lot of thunderstorms. I actually was in a tornado once as a little girl while girl scout camping which spawned my fear of storms and tornado's forever. All it took was for it to start drizzling outside and I was turning on the news and heading into my basement.

A basement. I really miss having one of those. Living in NC I can honestly say that I never really experienced a bad storm like the ones I experienced in Wi. Sure it rains more there but the storms always blew over very fast and were never as severe. Even now living in Florida we have been in the midst of a drought and I can count on one hand how many times it has rained.

So now with Tropical Storm Lee hitting Louisiana we are under a tropical storm warning and a tornado watch. This sent me into a panic. This is my first summer living in Florida. Whereas in NC we were 2.5 hours from the coast, I am 20 mins away. I have our hurricane kit all ready but as far as what to expect or really what to be prepared for I have no idea. When we first moved her our neighbor's said if a hurricane hit's we will have the heavy rain and damaging winds but the main concern is the spin off torando's. Perfect. Give me a basement please

I woke up at 3 this morning to it storming outside. I managed to fall asleep but when I woke up we had no power and to top it off the hubs leaves for 4 days today. Perfect. Now I am def not the army wife to complain about her husband leaving for four days. Don't get me wrong, I miss him and hate when he goes but we have been through 3 deployments and numerous classes and training that has taken him away from home. This past month alone he has been gone for 5 days a week, home for 2 and then leaves again. So this four days should have been a breeze. Now I'm just irritated. I can't believe they are still sending that guys away when not only are they leaving their families behind in severe weather in an area we all just moved to, but they are sending the guys to the middle of it. That's the army I guess. And I know this but I can't help but be irritated and afraid when they are still predicting tornado's in our area. As M left this morning he said it looked like a tornado touched down in a neighbor's yard since there fence is gone. And on the local news reports of funnel's touching down are now coming in. I already have my bathroom loaded with blanket's and a flashlight and Gianna and the dogs are not going to be let out of my sight for one second today!(AHH as I'm typing this the tv beeped and we are now under a tornado warning)

Hopefully everyone stays safe during this storm.

I had called my parent's this morning to tell them about the weather. They had gone to northern Wisconsin to stay at our family cottage. They were supposed to leave Friday to go up there but waited until yesterday to leave. Good thing they did. Once they neared the area where our cottage is they exit off the highway was blocked by a tree. Further driving they noticed a lot of damage and trees down. WHen they worked their way around the damage and got to our cottage both entrances to the cottage were blocked by tree's and a tree had fallen onto the roof. 45 years the cottage has been there and it has weathered it's fair share of storms. Luckily the tree didn't cause much damage. My dad and brother spent all day yesterday clearing the property and said about 75 trees had fallen down. That's a lot of trees. I'm just glad they are safe as well.

Looks like it's the weekend for bad weather. Praying for all those affected by this line of storms


  1. Be safe!!!!! Thinking about you, Gianna and your dogs today!

  2. stay safe hun! I'll be thinking and praying for you all today!

  3. Aw! Will be praying for you! I am in Louisiana (Baton Rouge) & it has been storming non-stop since Friday night. We didn't lose power, though (so far, fingers crossed that it stays on!). My sis lost power for a short while yesterday, and so did another friend, both of them live about an hour closer to NOLA from me. There is a lot of flooding but not right where we are (the end of our driveway is flooded, but nothing major). But i have never been through a tornado, so that is the main thing that i'm afraid of! I know what to expect in a hurricane, but not a tornado! And there are definitely no basements here! We're under tornado warning until 4 pm. I hope the weather clears up soon (according to the forecast it will be Tuesday). Stay safe!!!

  4. AHH!!! I'm the exact same way with storms and tornadoes! I grew up in OK and when I was three, I remember sitting with my Dad racing home in the pickup and I could see the funnels whenever it would lightning. Forever scarred. But I can also sympathize with storms with the Hubby is away. The week before David came home, we had the worst storms I have ever seen and I've lived in OK my entire life! I'll keep you and Gianna in my thoughts and prayers, as well as your husband as he's travelling in all this. Yuck. Keep us updated!

  5. Hi Katie! I'm a new reader, but I could have written this post myself!! I also grew up in Wisconsin, (near Milwaukee, what part are you from?) and when the army moved us to Kansas I was in for a shock during tornado season. THEY FREAK ME OUT and I panic as soon as the clouds roll in. I'll be praying everyone in your area stays safe!!