Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

The past five days have been amazing! It was so nice and refreshing to be off work and do nothing but lay around, catch up on cleaning and errands, finish decorating for Xmas and enjoying time with the hubs

Wednesday the hubs had to work for a bit and I caught up on paperwork for work. Let me say that any paperwork I do is all on unpaid time so I was a little irritated that I had to do some on my vacation. To male matters worse we have to upload them onto a file sharing site. I had over thirty notes to send in and every time I hit the upload button the system would freeze. Not my computer or the Internet but the website that I was using. It took me four hours to upload my notes. Then I got an email from
The office clerk who deleted all my notes because apparently I named the files wrong. I immediately burst into tears. And of course had to do it all over again. The hubs came home to a crying blubbering mess. After that I took a nap and hubs tool me out to see Harry Potter

Thanksgiving was filled with way too much food. We first went to M's captains house. I was able to meet his Captains wife for the first time and loved her. She was so nice and sweet and with the guys leaving soon we both agreed to keep each other company. She also convinced us to go to the Batallions Xmas party which M has avoided the past few years. Now this year we will have to go!
After that we stopped at our good friends house for another dinner. And the news that she was expecting again. Baby number three. All in all we had a great thanksgiving spend with good friends and good food. I suffered all night though with a bloated belly and bad heartburn!

Friday the hubs and I were up at 4 to hit the mall. I won't tell you what I got since I picked up Xmas presents for family members who read this blog. We only hit the mall and target before making it home by 7 and going back to bed. The rest of the day was spent laying around and doing absolutely nothing. Later we rented Eat Pray Love and The Expendables. I did not care for Eat Pray Love finding it boring but actually liked the Expendables.

Saturday I got up and took the pups to the dog park. Then I cleaned while the Hubby went into work. After he got home we went and got a new Xmas tree. We bought a 7.5 foot white spruce tree, fake of course but prelit and the ends of the tree look frosted and there are acorns sporadically placed throughout the tree. Our theme this year is red and gold so I bought ornaments to go according to that and after we put up the tree we spent the night decorating it and watching Harry Potter 6.

Today- I actually got the hubs to go to church with me. We decided to adopt a 10 mth old off the angel tree and get him some gifts for Xmas. It was so sad to see all that most people asked for was gloves, coats and hats. Our little boy's family just asked for some clothes. After church we went out for breakfast and I went to kohls to pick up some outfits for the little boy. I had so much fun shopping for that baby's clothes!
After returning home the hubs started packing since he will be in the field all week an I curled up with the pups in bed while watching The Nativity Story. I l love that movie! Now I just finished making Baked Potato Soup and am preparing for another night of relaxation. Back to the grind tomorrow. I am not afraid to admit I could use another week off hehe!

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great vaca (minus the work-at-home part!!) I'm so glad you said Eat Pray Love was boring...I tried to read the book but couldn't even finish it because I was bored, and I feel like everyone I know is's nice to know I'm not the only one! That's so cool what you are doing for the little boy, it makes me want to go find something like that!!

  2. Sounds like a productive weekend! I love taking our lil pups to the dog park, glad you do too:-)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I could definitely use another long's so nice!

  4. I saw Eat Pray Love in the theatre, and I was bored to near tears. It wasn't a terrible movie, just slow moving and really boring...and long!