Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Once Again

I know I asked you all to pray for M and I and I'm going to ask for another huge favor of you guys. My good friend Mrs G.I.Joe over at ACU's, Stiletto Shoes and Pretty Pink Tutus needs our prayers also. Her cousin celebrated the birth of his baby son Brody this past Saturday. He was born three months early and weighs in at 1lb 11 oz.Today little Brody suffered a brain hemorrhage and out of a 1-4 scale with 4 being the worst Brody's was a 4. So please pray for this little boy and his family. To read more about Brody and to send your prayers and thoughts to Mrs G.I.Joe please go HERE

In other news M and I canceled our Florida trip and are going to be enjoying our thanksgiving at home. Today also is a special day since it marks the 3 year anniversary of when we first met. 3 years ago I took my baby brother out to celebrate his 21st birthday. M's sister who I worked with had asked to meet us out since her brother, who had just come home from a deployment was coming home for thanksgiving. I agreed and that's when it all started. I am so thankful that M walked into that bar 3 years ago. On that day I met the love of my life and soul mate and am so grateful for the life that we have today.

These next two weeks are going to drag by as we anxiously await news that will change our lives forever. So again please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and hopefully come Dec 7th I will be able to share with you guys what has been going on.

I also want to take this time to send a big thanks to all my great blogger friends who are always so supportive. I love you all.


  1. Congrats on your meetiversary! :)

    Baby Brody has been in my prayers since I first read her post about his birth.

  2. Sounds like you're stuck in a hard place right now hun. And that isn't a fun place to be, especially around the holidays. You're in my thoughts.

  3. Lots of prayers headed your way!!

  4. You'll continue to be in my prayers.

  5. Def adding them to my prayers. So sad! And good luck with everything, I hope it is all good news:-)

  6. Lots of prayers sent your way!

  7. Hey hun!

    Thanks so much for posting about this. It completely slipped my mind to check it since Lucy has been sick all week. Our family greatly appreciates every prayer said for our sweet Brody. The bleeding has gotten worse but still all we can do is wait and pray.

    And of course we're praying for you and Marshall :) I'm waiting on pins and needles with you! Love you!