Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day, Lifetime and the CMA's

The only words I can think of to say today is Thank you. Thank to you all the men and women who have served and continue to serve in our armed forces. I may be a military wife but as far as serving our country the only thing I do is say goodbye to my soldier and anxiously await his return home. I know nothing of what it feels like to leave your friends and family behind, I don't miss out on holiday's family functions, birthday's and other day to day activities that continue to go on without me, I don't sleep in barrack's or a tent and have to wear a uniform day in and day out.I am free to go on about my day whether the hubby is gone or home because of people like my husband. Because of all those men and women who believe in and fight for our freedom. So thank you! I know that this simple thank you can never repay all that they have given up for us here at home

And in honor of veteran's day I was contacted about this new lifetime series featuring military homecomings. I have spent many hours watching the youtube reunion video's and am so excited to see that there is actually going to be a show catering to our military members. So here is the information and if you are interested in being featured on the show def sign up


Lifetime network, home of the hit TV series “Army Wives,” is producing an exciting new reality show that will honor the great sacrifices and celebrate the emotional reunions of service members – from all five branches of the Armed Forces – with their loved ones.

These wonderful moments are perfect opportunities for heartfelt and poignant stories, as well as fun and unexpected surprises.

Please let us know if you’re interested in crafting the perfect reunion with your parent, spouse, fiancé, best friend or pen pal!

We’re filming these reunions with service members on leave or redeployment from mid-November until mid-March.

This exciting project has full approval from, and is working directly with, the Department of Defense.

Please send contact information, date and location of return/reunion, and a few photographs.

Include a bit about yourself, your service member, and why creating an amazing reunion is important to you!

Please reply to:

So there you have it. I can't wait until this show officially airs. And speaking of tv shows, did anyone watch the CMA's last night. I just love how country singer's pay tribute to our military and the scenes of the stars signing a race car that is to be donated to the wounded warrior's project brought tears to my eyes! And if you watched the CMA's did you happen to catch Gwenyth Palrow. I'm sorry, she wasn't horrible but she should stick to acting and not becoming a country singer. It was just too unbelievable for me but that's just my opinion. It seems like anyone famous these days can just drop an album or a book and it becomes a bestseller regardless if it's bad or good.

Happy veteran's day everyone!


  1. Oh I totally agree with you - those were my thoughts exactly about Gwyneth Paltrow. I like the song, but unfortunately, I think someone else should have sung it.

    However, Jason & Kelly absolutely amazed me. To the point that I bought their new song on iTunes and have been playing it literally all day long! Love it! I'm so happy Miranda got female vocalist!

  2. Wow that is so exciting! I can't wait till the show airs, but I'm sure I'll need a huge box of tissue's handy.

  3. ooo thats super exciting congrats! and i looove country music too