Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Today is my baby brother's birthday. Technically he isn't a baby as he is turning 24! I can't believe he is that old already. It seems like just yesterday he was a freshman in high school when I was a senior,visiting my locker between classes because he knew my friends better than the kids in his class.

My brother and I are close, probably closer than most brothers and sister's. We grew up each others only siblings and my parent's never tolerated it when we fought with each other. After losing their first born they constantly taught us that family was important and that later on after they were gone it would just be my bro and I. Being a close knit family was very important to them. Sure we had our moments of sibling rivalry, like the fact that my brother as the youngest is clearly the favorite though he will tell you that our mom still buys me more clothes and things now that I'm outta the house than when I lived at home. But we grew up as each others best friends. He would play barbies with me as long as after awhile I would play legos or cars with him.

One of my favorite memories with my brother revolves around christmas. On Christmas Eve we used to sleep in sleeping bags in our living room under the christmas tree trying to catch santa. We'd stay up late watching holiday movies and talking. Once we reached the age where we knew santa didn't exist we continued this tradition. When I think of christmas and my brother this is the first memory that pops into my head.

When my brother went away to college, I moved back home. Then when he graduated and moved back in with my parent's I moved to NC. And although we don't get to see each other very often we text every day. I am looking forward to going home for Christmas and visiting with my brother.

Here our some pics of my bro, family and I at his 21st bday party which also happened to be the day I met my husband but I will share that story next week!!
Happy birthday Michael-I love you and can't wait to see you in a few weeks



  1. This post made me smile. My younger brother and I are also really close. We were born Air Force brats and grew up across the country from our extended family so we always leaned on each other. Our friendship has only strengthened as we've gotten older. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother!! :) My sister and I have the same kind of relationship it's awesome!!

  3. How fun! I have a great relationship with my brother too, we are best friends! Most people think it's so weird to be so close to my brother, but it's great!

  4. That's awesome that ya'll are so close. My cousin is like that with me & my sister. He's in between our ages (his sister is 5 yrs older) and he lived next door to us growing up. He would play Pretty Pretty Princess with us, if we would play GI Joes with him after. We still tease him about the fact that he would cry if he lost and didnt get to wear the crown. lol