Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Cards

I love Christmas and am now officially in the Holiday spirit because we decided today to go home for Christmas!!!
And one thing I wanted to do this year for Christmas was actually send out cards. Last year we were lazy and did not do so and this year I told M we had no excuse. I even had a friend in town here take pics for us that we can use for our cards. Originally in the past I have ordered cards and pictures from In recent order's I have been unhappy with the quality of my prints and have found that their customer service is even worse. So I decided to check out shutterfly. They have some beautiful card options and many other products to chose from such as gift tags, photo gifts, things for home decor and cute calendar's that you can make. So I knew that once our pics were in I would be ordering my cards from shutterfly. Well all week I had seen blogger's post about how shutterfly was giving away 50 free cards to blogger's. I immediately hopped on the bandwagon since not only do I want to purchase christmas cards, we also our giving the pics of us to our family members so I have a ton of print's to order!

So after looking at Shutterfly's website here are some of my favorite cards
This one is so adorable. If we had a newborn this would be the card that I was sending out for sure! How sweet

As you can see I posted the links below. For some reason my links aren't working so just copy and paste the links into your url and it will take you to shutterfly's site.

And for all you blogger's out there if you are interested in receiving 50 free holiday cards click here


  1. Such a great promotion, I am so excited to get mine!

  2. These are so cute.!
    I think I may use shutterfly for christmas cards too.!

  3. Love this promotion!!! Definitely going to check it out.

  4. Ooooh cute cards! We do a Christmas letter with a "photo strip" of 3 pics from the year. May have to chk this out too:-)

  5. I stumbled across some pretty neat card sending software online a few years back, which has made sending out Christmas cards much less of a time consuming task. A cool bonus is that they actually let you send gifts and such as well:

  6. How long does it really take you get your e-mail response from them? I filled it out yesterday but I'm so damn excited that I just can't wait for them to send me a reply!!! How much longer? Haha. Thanks so much for blogging about this. I think I saw an earlier post of yours about shutterfly. I made the cards that I want to get yesterday but didn't buy them yet. Then I saw your post. You're my hero.