Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend started on Veterans day. The hubs had off and I only worked until 11am. We were able to go out to lunch together and just enjoy spending time with each other. That night we had friends over for dinner and enjoyed a night at home

Friday the hubs once again had I and I only worked until 1. M decided it would be fun to put up our Christmas decorations. I know thanksgiving hasn't even come yet but the next few weekends we won't be home to decorate. I normally pull out Christmas decorations on thanksgiving but we will be in florida during that time. We hit target and got some Christmas lights and prelit potted plants for our porch. Then we stopped at kohls to expand our Christmas village. A few years ago I bought us a bed and breakfast to symbolize where we stayed during our wedding and an Irish pub since we are Irish. This year we got a church, the town square and some village people. We went home and set up the village, hung up lights outside and out my favorite Christmas decoration- the willow tree nativity.

After decorating we cleaned and made dinner for our friends who were once again coming over

Saturday we got up bright and early to head out to Hilton Head. M's aunt and uncle had flown in the night before and had invited us to come stay for the night. I had never been to Hilton head and absolutely loved it. The area is so pretty and while walking on the ocean we saw at least 4 schools of dolphins frolicking in the waves. We went out to an amazing seafood restaurant and just spent the night catching up

This morning we slept in later than expected. We had originally planned to go out for a early breakfast and then M and I were gonna hit the outlet mall and hopefully meet up with a fellow blogger for lunch. That didn't really work. By the time we were up and ready it was lunch time though we still managed to find a local pancake house. After eating we said our goodbyes, stopped at the outlet mall for an hour and are now on our way back to Nc where I have been informed that our dogs have made a mess of our house. Luckily I have an amazing friend in town who agreed to let the dogs out when we were gone so we wouldn't have to board them. I guess they gave her a run for her money. My year old puppy who we kept in her crate in our room somehow, and I don't know exactly how managed to drag our bedsteads into her kennel and eat them. 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets! But oh well not much we can do. Tonight we plan on putting up our Xmas tree and watching our first holiday movie of the season!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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  1. Oh so exciting!! I love that little Nativity. I adore Willow Tree!

  2. I love Hilton Head too. A trip there in high school is actually what made me want to move to the south!