Monday, February 15, 2010

Winston Salem Here I Come!

Come Wednesday morning I will be out of Fayetteville and here.. Winston Salem North Carolina.

I love my life here in fayetteville, but I am a city girl and miss living in a big city. I miss skyscraper's, loads of cute boutiques and restaurants and the night life of big cities. I also miss driving into the downtown area of big city's and seeing all the lights! So I am excited to get out of Fayetteville for a few days and live it up in a bit city. Why am I going you may ask?

I am attending my very first work conference! I feel like such a professional adult telling people that I am off for a work conference! I am attending the Applied Behavior Analysis Conference in Winston Salem, NC. The conference starts Wednesday and ends Friday. I am heading up to Raleigh tomm night to stay with a co-worker and then we are leaving early wednesday morning. I have my bag all packed with professional attire and even have a cute dress packed for the cocktail hour they will be having. AHH

The only downside about going is the fact that I will miss the hubby...and his 30th Birthday which is Thursday. And of course he loves to guilt trip me by whining about me leaving him on his bday. I follow up with Well, you deploy all the time and leave me alone. His answer was that he doesn't choose to deploy, but I chose to go. I know he is kidding and wants me to go. It is a great opportunity. I will get some more hands on training that will enable me to grow professionally as a behavioral therapist and it will also allow me to meet fellow professionals in the field besides my co-workers. I am beyond excited for this opportunity!

On a side note, I was very ashamed with myself today and was reminded of how selfish I can be. My hubby got a call this morning and was notified that he would be on funeral duty this week. Which means that a fellow soldier died and M would be part of the funeral such as a pall bearer or one of the gunsmen who does the 7 gun salute. He assumed that he would be going out of town for the funeral since they didn't mention the location. Right away my first thought was Great, now we have to board the dogs and pay alot of money to do so, money we need to save for taxes. I immediately was ashamed.Here I was bitching about money, while some poor woman, mother and children were mourning the loss of a husband, son or father. I felt awful and chided myself for my selfishness. I sent out a prayer asking for forgiveness for my selfishness and praying for the family of those that lost a loved one. I vow to never again react so selfishly

On a side note, I told the hubby how awful I felt about my behavior. M tried to reassure me by telling me that the soldier that dies was an 80 year old war veteran. That did make me feel a little better but still I was reminded that in the military community, war affects everyone and that many families around the world have lost a loved one in battle. I pray for all those families and again am deeply sorry for my selfishness.


  1. I remember going to Winston-Salem when we were in middle school for a tour of the historic part, and I loved it. I'm sure you're not going THERE but it seemed like a nice place nonetheless :)

  2. That's where I just moved from a few months ago! I miss it like crazy! Hope you have a good time despite the work conference and missing the hubby. And, Old Salem is AMAZING...if you get a chance to check it out.

  3. Don't worry hun, we all have those selfish feelings sometimes. But it's okay because you realized that you didn't like the feelings that you were having and THAT is the important part. =]

  4. Such a sad loss. :( But we are all human and tend to think of the things that affect us first and foremost so're not the only one.

    Have fun doing your businesslike stuff! :) I'm a big city girl myself.

  5. Realizing a poor quality or charaterstic means you're allowing yourself the opportunity to improve.

    Have fun on your trip and wear your seatbelt!

  6. Your a sweet girl and everyone has moments of selfishness. We would be liars if we say we don't. You asked for forgiveness and said a prayer. God forgave you. :)
    My prayers are with the family who lost the loved one.

    Also I hope you have a fabulous time on your trip. Sounds like fun! Especially the fun cocktail dress.

  7. We are all selfish at times, but we are only human. Have a fabulous trip!