Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boudoir photography

Before I get into my post about boudoir photography I would like to thank my blogger friend Tami at She Talks to Angels for the following award. If you haven't visited Tami's blog you should def check it out. The url is She is one of my new favorite reads. So be sure to stop by her blog.

The rule to this award are as follows.

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and insert a link to their blog.
2. Pass on the award to about 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are great!
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4. Say 7 things about yourself.

Here it goes
1. Thanks again Tami for the award!!!
2. In the last few weeks I have received and passed on a few awards so instead of passing this on to 15 more people I decided to pass this on to any of my readers. In the last few weeks I also have come across many new blogs which I am in love with. I enjoy reading other blogger's posts and reading the comments you all have left me. So this award goes to all my lovely blogger friends!
I will skip 3 and head on to step four
4. 7 things about myself
1. I want to get a tattoo with the following saying in Hebrew-For I am my beloved and my beloved is mine.
2. I am obsessed with candles. I literally have a big box in my hall closet full of candles. I always want my house to smell good. My favorite thing to do is light candles all over the house and curl up in bed with a good book.
3. I love summer. I can not wait for the weather to get warm so I can lay outside all day long
4. Despite my hubby's video game obsession I am a lucky girl to have him in my life. He gets me like no one else ever before and as husbands go, he is great! I am truly blessed
5. I am obsessed with taking pictures. When I'm done finishing up school for my ABA certification I want to take a photography class just for fun.
6. The hardest part I found about being a military wife was not dealing with the hubby's deployments but in finding meaningful friendships in a new town. I am so over dealing with petty, immature girls. I have learned that quality is better than quantity
7. I love Vera Bradley purses and their design in general and I adore anything in Damask print. I love it all! If only my hubby would let me decorate the house in those styles

And now on to Boudoir photography
The photographers I hired for our wedding did boudoir sessions along with shooting weddings. Since we had a destination wedding, I didn't hire them to shoot a boudoir session since I didn't want to be crunched for time. Then after the hubby deployed I decided to book a session with an area photographer. I was unable to find one in Wi and booked a session with Glamour shots. I then had to cancel due to a work conflict and have never made another appointment.
I've seen a few blogger's posts recently about them doing a boudoir photo session for their hubby's. So to all my readers, have any of you had boudoir pictures taken? Was it uncomfortable? Would you recommend doing a boudoir photo shoot? And if anyone of my reader's is from North Carolina, do you know of any photographers that does them?
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I've seen several people post about boudoir photos...I'm not so sure I'd be comfortable with that, but it is a nice idea for the hubby! I lived in North Carolina for almost 2 years, but I'm not sure I can help you with that one! Sorry. =(

  2. I am excited to see the responses to this post...I have been considering this too! I love your idea for the tatoo! I have a small one on my foot and know I would never get another one...I am such a baby!

  3. I LOVED getting mine done. And because I don't really care =p I even put mine online - you can look at my favorites here -

    I had a blast - although I did have a glass or three of wine to help loosen up! It was a lot of fun, and I felt so sexy and full of energy afterwards. Definitely do them!

  4. Ah I want to do one SO SO bad, and I know there are tooons in NC because of all the bases, I just unfortunately can't tell you which are good because I haven't done it yet (and won't for awhile since I"m all post-preggo fat now *sad*) however, I think you should totally do it, I think it'd be super fun and then I could live vicariously though you :)

    Also I am SO ready for Summer too!!

  5. Hey girl, as a photog myself that does Boudoir my advice is to interview the photographer, the more you "click" with the photographer the easier and more fun your session will be. I always keep my Boudior sessions confidential and I dont have much posted in my portfolio because most woman that do get Boudior done want them as a private and special gift. So I do not ask for a model release on Boudoir at all!
    I have always loved Boudoir photography and had some done of myself and I LOVED the way they turned out. I had them done while Hubby was deployed and gave them to my Hubby as a welcome home gift. ;)

  6. I haven't had them done yet, but I'm going to probably take some this month to send P for our anniversary next month. I'm a little nervous about it, but a good friend of mine is going to do my hair and makeup, and so I'm hoping she helps keep me comfortable. We'll see how it goes.

  7. I would love to have them done but then I get nervous about it. And I want to loose weight first. So someday I will do them :)

  8. I did it last February for my husband's wedding present. I was uncomfortable going into it so brought my best friend (who is the closest thing I have to a sister) She totally helped to set me at ease in a room full of strangers (meaning 3-4 people). Once we got there and got started I was TOTALLY fine. The photographer was SO nice and immediately put me at ease. I feel like they work extra hard to help put their clients at ease when they do this type of photography because THEY want you to relax and have fun because it will show in the pictures. Overall great experience, definitely do it.


    Check out her sessions - I LOVE them. They really can turn out amazingly sweet (and sexy). I would love to do one for Bret!

  10. I am doing a session on July 17th as a wedding present for my fiance. I'm nervous, but I think it will be worth it! My photographer is a woman though, I don't think I would feel comfortable having a man do it...

  11. I seen allot of women doing the boudior pics too. It looks like fun
    Also I love Vera Bradley also. My sons diaper bag is a Vera. I love it.

  12. I can't agree with you more about how hard it is to make new friends in a new town. I've been here a year and all but one of my friendships have failed. I don't get why, but people up here are SO goal oriented that they seem to make NO time for fun. Maybe I'm spoiled because I come from CA and we're more "relaxed" about time and whatnot but you have to have SOME time for friends right?

  13. Katie, I got your comment. I did them at my house, since I had a great set up with lots of natural light, and it gave us more flexibility.

    I had all kinds of things laid out - Skins jersey, lingerie, etc, and it was fun to work all of the props into different pictures. I think I had maybe 7 or 8 different outfits?

  14. So funny you posted about this now... I had some taken before Christmas and had them made into a leather bound book and got them in the mail yesterday. I'm sending it to hubby for Valentine's Day :) I'll admit it was a little weird but it got easier as it went on and they turned out beautifully! Here's a link to some of the internet appropriate ones!

  15. I thought about having them done too! I know there are many people in charlotte. I'll check and let you know. I hate that its difficult for you to meet good friends on base. Hang in there!

  16. I've always wanted to still get them done for a birthday or special occasion but just haven't. I'm really shy around people I don't know if I'd be fully comfy with it but more power to you for considering.

  17. Hey, saw your question... I will try to answer to the best of my ability without losing you.

    1) First click on the header that you want so that it pops as a bigger picture.
    2) Right click and either "copy picture" or you can " save picture." copy picture is just better because it is quick and simply.
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    4) right click in the white section and choose "paste picture"
    5) make sure the margins are extending out so that you still have plenty of space to work with
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    hopefully this helps! sorry if it is confusing... I'm not the greatest at explaining these sort of things!