Sunday, February 7, 2010

Play Station-How I Loathe Thee

First and foremost I want to give a big Thank You to my blogger friend Mrs. Muffins! She made my blog into a 3 column blog. So all the credit needs to go to her. Thank you so much!! This computer illiterate blogger owes you big time! I greatly appreciate it!!!

On another note, as I am typing up this post my resentment toward my hubby is growing and growing. Now before I continue let me explain...

My hubby's favorite thing to do is play Call of Duty on his playstation. Fine, everyone needs their hobbies and something to do on their down time but his hobby consumes his life. For awhile I thought it was cute the way he got so into his video games. Now I am scheming up ways to break the damm play station without him knowing I was the one that broke it

Here is why his video game addiction bothers me so
I work 11-12 hour days. I get up at 4:30, go to the gym, come home and let the dogs out before getting ready for work, feed the dogs, let them out again and leave for work. The hubby gets up at 8:30am, way after I have already left and does nothing with the dogs since I have already done so. He gets home around 3:00-4:00 and once again sits his butt down on the couch to get in some quality time with his play station before I get home. Another thing I should clarify is that he doesn't think the couch gives him the best tv watching angle while playing so he sits on our coffee table. Our freshly dusted coffee table has a perma butt print on it. Nice

So I get home aroun 7:00-7:30 and once again have to take the dogs out and feed them since they are still in their kennels because Daddy had to have his alone time. So after letting them out and feeding them, I now start on dinner. All the while I am doing this and I have barely received more from my hubby than a grunt hello. He barely tears himself away from the game during dinner and once again returns to the game while I'm left to clean everything up.

Weekends are the worst. I work Saturday's from 8-2:30 and have class on sunday mornings at 8:30am. You would think that for two days the hubby would let me sleep in even just a little bit, or take care of the gos, but nope once again I have to set my alarm even earlier just to get up and take care of the dogs before heading to work and class while the hubby sleeps in until 10:00 and then resumes his position on the coffee table. There he sits until I get off work and finish class and even then he barely wants to get off the game to go do something

Now I know I'm making him sound like a bad person right now but some day's I just can't take the video game addiction. Where is my free time, when do I get a moment to myself

This morning, while attending my online class I had two dogs jumping on me and knocking over my computer just to get attention. Tonight though my hubby really irritated me. Every time I see a kiddo, I have to write up a one page summary of our session. Seeing as I see 4-5 kids a day, I have about 35 session summaries to turn in at the end of the week. Normally I take my netbook to work and type them up during the last 10 minutes of a session but this past week, with constantly being at the hospital with my friend or studying for my exam I haven't been able to do so. So tonight I sat down to type up all 35. Now these session summaries need to get emailed to my boss, so as I go I attach them into an email. I was just about done when the hubby decided he was going to play his video game. Fine, since I was busy I didn't care. But today however, our router wasn't working so he couldn't get on his game. So I was the one who had to connect to a different network. If I would have been playing on the computer I would have been fine with it but since my session summaries are confidential documents I was uncomfortable with connecting to another network. When I said as much, M told me I needed to calm down and he didn't understand why I had an attitude. I explained that he should be the one connecting to another network since I was doing stuff for work. This just pissed M off even more. I gave up and connected to another network and finished my work with my hubby still making remarks about me under his breath

Some days I just give up. If he would rather spend time with his play station than me, there is not much I can do. I used to make plans with my friends when he sat around all weekend playing video games but he got mad at me for that, so now I sit home and end up cleaning, doing laundry, working or studying while he sits away and plays!! AHHH!!
Thanks you all for letting me vent. I really don't mean to bitch, I love my hubby to death but some days I just want to scream

And to clarify, we live in an apartment complex that includes wireless internet in their rent. So that if you don't want to pay for high speed internet you don't have to. So I'm not connecting to some one else's internet. I am connecting to the apartment's network. We do however pay to have our own network since we do need the high speed internet. So my hubby uses our network for his video games and I have to use the apartment's for my work stuff. Very frutrating indeed

Oh well, hope you all had a great weekend


  1. I feel the exact same way! My hubby loves to play this game and I'm trying to find a way to break him of this habit! So if you find a way let me know :)

  2. Oh man, do I hear you on this!! P plays World of Warcraft like it's going out of style!!

    It drives me NUTS! I would drive to his house for the weekend, only to be ignored for 8-9 hours while he played the stupid game. We have to work out some sort of deal when he gets back as to how much time he gets to play, because I'm not compromising my time with him after not seeing him for however long the deployment lasts!

  3. Definitely sounds frustrating and I'm glad you are able to vent. I don't really know for sure of a way to "fix" this. But have you considered maybe seeing if he'd teach you how to play and say that you'd like to play with him for an hour on Saturday/Sunday afternoon because you know he enjoys it but then you'd appreciate him doing something else with you that you enjoy. Just a thought! I don't know if it would work...but guys enjoy it if you show interest in the (stupid) things they like. HAHA.

  4. That sounds SO frustrating!!! Hmmm, what is the right thing to do here? It seems he could at LEAST care for the dogs!!!? Time for a smack down! ;)

  5. Ha ha ha it's sooo sad, but funny and true! As I sit here online my hubby is playing his xbox live with a friend on XBOX Live, Madden10 Football is his poison. Boys I tell ya! Sooo I've given up trying ot get him to stop, so if you can't beat them join them right? We play soccer together and it's actually fun once in a while:-)

  6. Hmm, sounds like your hubs has a pretty sweet deal to me: you work 12 hour days plus weekends AND you do all the chores (you poor thing!!) while he sits on his behind (on your coffee table, no less). Agree with #4 - time to shake things up.

  7. Oh wow that sounds like me in this post haha. My hubs and I just had an argument about this last night because I had been cooking this whole week and we had no grocries so I told him that we can either go out to dinner or I can go to the store pick up stuff and then cook you know what he said oh okay I'll let you go to the store and cook that way I can finish my game UMM NO! So we got into an argument because I work 7-4 but I get up at 5:30 so when I get home I'm tired and I just want to spend time with him but no I have to cook,clean and do laundry but get this (He's unemployed right now because his job was seasonal and he's leaving next month for the Army so he's getting unemployement) So he sits there all day playing his game with his friends leaving there crap everywhere and leaving dishes in the sink just so I can clean them um no! So I clean my dishes and do my laundry and like last night I grabbed dinner from McDonalds I told him if he wanted anything he was going to have to step away from the PS2. I swear I can't stand that dang thing I actually threw it last night but it still works I wonder if I could disconnect something from the inside of it so he wouln't think I did it hmmmm...Needless to say I feel your pain...


  8. Oh my word....I think I would have freaked out by now. Sounds like yall need to talk and he needs to do some growing up...

  9. I say if he is going to play games all day you should definitely not feel guilty about going and doing something for yourself! If he is going to get mad about that then maybe his eyes will open to the fact that it is HIS fault you are leaving! Sometimes they just take us for granted!

  10. Woohoo, thanks for the shout out!!!

    My hubby has been the same way in the past, it actually really hurt our relationship for a while. Until Riley was born that was all he cared about, even when I was pregnant. I would ask him to watch her move around in my belly and he'd look over and then start playing again. I felt like I had the worst husband/baby daddy ever! For some reason when Riley was born, he snapped out of it. He quit smoking, has been working out a lot, stopped drinking soda.... like, it's kinda wierd. Now... I want to upgrade our PS2 to a PS3. ME!!! Only because that's all we use to play DVD's and that way I can use Blu-Ray!!! But anyways... I hope it gets better.

    For a while I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine and I would play Sims as long as I could but instead of him doing anything or sitting there bored like I would be watching him, he fell asleep. Grr. Lol.


  11. Girl, don't feel bad for one minute! I HATE video games. Its like he forgets the worls is spinning around him when he plays them. I'll try and talk to him and later he'll have no recollection of the conversation. But he won't pause his game for me to ask him something. Video games + men= the enemy LOL

  12. Oh girl, I understand you more than you know. My husband is obsessed with Tiger Woods golf. Luckily after our son was born he stopped playing so much but he used to be glued to that screen every day and night before.

  13. girl I feel you on this one! It just drives me crazy when he gets home before me and has not done anything like start dinner, take out the dog or ANYTHING but play that dang game...UGH men and their video games

  14. My husband was the same way with computer games - particular EverQuest. He had all nighter "raids" and virtual meet ups, and would actually cancel plans we'd made for that game. It was destroying our relationship, and I was in tears all the time. We weren't a partnership, and we weren't a team. So I broke up with him. I broke his heart, but I refused to be second place to anyone, or especially a game. It took him a year and a half to prove how much our relationship meant to him, and he quit the game completely.

    I don't think he needs to quit completely, but there must be an underlying issue here. Either communication, responsibility delegation, or something.

    For your sanity, I would strongly recommend couple's counseling. He might not think this is a big deal, but if all household responsibilities fall on you, it is a HUGE deal - he isn't respecting your role in the relationship. Even if its subconscious, I don't doubt he loves you :) but counseling is a great way to bring this conversations and issues to light!

    Good luck - you have all my sympathies, it is the WORST feeling ever.

  15. Do not feel guilty for venting! You need to let it out but you should also have a discussion with the hubby--it is not fair for you to be distracted by your pups during your class. You need to start getting out and doing things with friends when he is playing his games. I hope things work out and you all can talk it out soon! My hubby wanted Call of Duty for Christmas and I am sooo glad I didn't get it now after reading your post and comments!

  16. Thanks for following my blog! yours is too cute!

  17. I think this must be a huge problem for many couples considering the amount of comments. My husband can be the same way. Anytime that he has free he is sitting on the computer or in front of the Xbox. I hate it because I don't think he knows what else to do with himself. He comes from an overweight family who sits around all way watching tv and sitting in front of the computer when not at work. He used to play WoW but his obsession with it pissed me off so much that I've told him he can't play it anymore if he wants to stay together. THAT BAD. He used to literally RUN across the house to get himself food (if I wouldn't get it for him) so that he doesn't miss anything. And he even once made me stay at his dorm even though I was sick and wanted us to get back to my apartment already because I was the one who had to drive. I love him to death too. And I know that what you're saying sounds horrible, and it is, but they're still the love of your life and lets face it, we knew their obsession when the relationship started so pretty much we just have to live with it.

  18. I know how you feel :) We are also an army family and not only is Call of Duty way too much of a priority- we have TWO playstations but no DVD player. I have to use them to even watch a movie and use the controller instead of the remote. I just blogged about that the other day! I am now following- Cute blog!

  19. oh my, i can totally relate lady!!
    my fiance has one hockey game that he plays over and over and over.
    on his last day off he sat and played the thing the entire day, he told me he played around 30 games! i couldn't believe it.
    although he did unload the dishwasher ;)
    i guess i don't mind him playing that much because it's his thing. mine is blogging.
    if he was like your hubby i might get a bit upset. not letting the pups out would make me sad and not getting any help around the house would upset me as well. my fiance does stop playing as soon as we eat dinner and then we spend the rest of the evening together.
    you can feel free to vent to us whenever!! i hope it makes you feel a little better to see how many of us can relate to you.
    have a great day!!

  20. Sounds like you needed a good vent session. I know there are plenty of times I need one too.

    If I can give some unsolicited advice? Set guidelines for the video games. He should be able to play them, just not when it interferes with your free time together, or chores and errands. If he puts up a fight, then stop doing the chores for him. Stop making his dinners, or doing his laundry. Go out with your friends, and if he gets mad about that, then ask him to stop with the video games when you are around. I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, but honestly, it doesn’t seem fair to me, and you don’t have to live with that.

  21. Tell me about it! This sounds like my life (except substitute xbox 360 for playstation). It is so frustrating when your husband gets obsessed with these games, and my husband already works about 60 hours a week, so the little time we do have together should be special, not spent playing games alone. Let me know if you find a way to get him to cut down some.

  22. Hey girl...

    I've left you a little 'award' over at my blog!


  23. It is always good to vent and let stuff out. I would totally let him have it. haha! He should be helping you out a bit more esp. since you work SOOOOO hard everyday. Maybe let him know how much it bothers you....or I always let an area build up and get dirty and then see how long it takes the hubs to clean it himself. Make him do his own laundry. It'll teach him a lesson.

    Or whenever he leaves something out, I put it under the sheets on his side of the bed so he HAS to do something with it.