Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So much to do So Little time

This Saturday we are hosting a joint birthday party for the hubby and I at are apartment! I am beyond excited to have our closest friends over to celebrate our b-day's with us but have so much to do before hand

It doesn't help that my work schedule is crazy this week and on Sunday I have a huge exam for my class. Which I haven't started studying for! AHH

So in order to get ready for the party I decided to make a to do list

1. Laundry-Wash all the sheets and blankets in case people decide to crash for the night

2. Grocery shopping-We are buying stuff to make subs and having everyone bring a side dish. We are also providing the beer so that will help keep everything nice and easy.

3. Pick up the cake-I was going to make red velevt cake and then came across this bakery located in our downtown area. I called and decided to order a cake instead of baking one. And I changed up the flavor. I ordered a strawberry shortcake since that was our wedding cake. Since we had a destination wedding we weren't able to ship the remainder of our cake home so on our one year anniversary we were without our topper. We called the bakery but they were unable to ship us a new cake so we went without. So since M will be deploying shortly I decided to get us a strawberry shortcake both for our birthday cake and for our anniversary cake!!

4.Clean!! Since I was gone last week and we had a crazy weekend, our house is kind of a disaster. I have to mop the floors, vacuum, put all the crap lying around away and scrub the kitchen and bathrooms

5. Make two diaper cakes- My hubby's co-workers wife is expecting and he asked me to make her a diaper cake that we can give her on saturday. I also decided to make my good friend one who will also be there

6. Work-out and eat healthy-I have the cutest outfit planned and have been working hard at dieting and exercising to fit into it. Last week being away didn't help and this week I've been sick and haven't been hitting up the gym. That might be a problem

7. Study-I have to somehow cram in studying in between cleaning and organizing

Wish me luck y'all


  1. Oh wow you have alot to do girl Good Luck...

  2. I like the sub idea - I always stress out about what to make when we have a multidue of people coming over! I will have to try that next time!

    And of course - Happy Birthday!

  3. You sound so busy! I love having people over, too.

    I would skip scrubbing the floor. It will just get dirty and no one will notice that you even cleaned it. Wait until after the party is over so you can enjoy the clean :)

  4. Good luck, And how fun!!!

    Every year we host a huge birthday party for my husband at our house. We invite damn near every person we know. Its rediculous. He named it "Julianfest". No lie. I promise you I understand how crazy it is to plan, set up and host a big b-day party.
    But I hope you let yourself enjoy and have a great time :) Take lots of pictures....

  5. Good luck! The Strawberry Shortcake sounds delicious (:

  6. I hope your party turns out great!! Happy Birthday! :)

  7. Good luck girl! You have a lot on your plate...can't wait to see the outfit, you better take lots of pictures at the party!

  8. Quite the list! I'm sure you'll get plenty done. Good luck with it all! :)

  9. Good luck hun...especially on your test on Sunday! And have fun this weekend.

  10. Sounds like a busy weekend. I hope you get everything on your list done.

  11. GOOD LUCK - but it sounds like you have everything under control ;)