Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I'm Loving

I'm Loving

1. This Florida weather. My parents always try to get me to move back home to Wi. They fail to forget that we are stationed here for the next few years! But even if we could move I don't know if I could give up this amazing weather. In fact I think we will stay permanent floridians even after the hubby retires. And here's why
Impromptu beach days. It's like a vacation every day around here.

2. Planning my classroom!
I can't believe I will be going back to work in a few short months. I've been spending lots and lots of time on Pinterest planning activities and themes for my soon to be classroom. This camping theme is adorable

3. AdvoCare
My parents and brother are all doing the AdvoCare cleanse and sent me the kit so I can join in. I'm on day 3 of the ten day cleanse and have lost 3 pounds. 
Operation get fit for the hubby and our vacation is in full swing

4. The library
I've been devouring books lately and we all know books can be expensive. Sure having a book cuts down on the costs but I'm weird and prefer the feel of a book over the nook. Plus I can't use my nook outside. So the kids and I have been hitting up the library a lot. Tomm starts the summer program for the kids and Gianna is moving on up to the story time/craft group for 3 year olds! No more mom and me lap sit for her :(

5. Summer days
What is it about summer that just screams fun. Even if it's just stopping to enjoy cupcakes and ice cream after a day at the beach. 

6. These goofy kids
He's really coming into his own lately. He is talking more and more and is starting to show interest in more things. He's def not a baby anymore. He loves to make me laugh and yet is more sensitive than his sister. He is so easy going and go with the flow. I love this boy of mine
And when did this one get so big. Swimming lessons, dance camp, preschool in the fall. I still remember her newborn days. Did I mention she turns 3 in a month. Please stop growing up! 

7. The final countdown
We are weeks away from the hubby coming home. It can't come fast enough!

What are you loving these days?

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