Monday, June 16, 2014


This past weekend was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. I've always said that the last month of deployments are the hardest. For us at least. It's when shit really starts to hit the fan and you barely have the energy to deal with it.

If you read my post last week ranting and raving about this deployment I'm sure you'll understand. After I posted it my husband emailed me to say it sounded a little harsh. I laughed and responded that it was meant to be. I'm done when it comes to this deployment. I'm stressed and tired. The kids are too and just wan their daddy home. Plus if I have to do one more thing to the yard I'm going to scream. Luckily I did hire a lawn service to help out this deployment. Such a life saver. 

I also told my husband I got a lot of private emails from fellow milspouse bloggers who said they were able to relate. It's sad that as a milspouse you always have to put on a good front. And when you do let loose and vent people respond negatively. Well, you knew what you signed up for. Or your looked upon as complaining about your spouse. Unless your calling to ask me how you can help than you should keep your opinions to yourself!! I've always used my blog as a online journal and as a place to vent. I'm not going to change now. Ok end rant. I'm getting way off topic

Back to this weekend. It was so good for the soul. Earlier in the week I had signed the kids up for Parents night out. A local church puts this on once a month and for 15 bucks a kid you get four hours of free time. The kids are provided with dinner and they have lots of activities to keep the kids entertained. After paying a few bills I hadn't expected I debated about canceling the kids spot at PNO. However as I went through the mail one day I accidentally opened my husbands Father's Day card from my parents. And inside was a check. So I treated myself to that money. Technically I've been playing both mom and dad these past few months right!! (Don't worry I told my hubby I took his check) anyway I dropped the kids off and didn't look back. 

Two friends who also had their kids in PNO and I went out for a nice dinner and then we went to see my boyfriend in his latest movie

2 hours of non-stop laughing. I literally had tears rolling down my face through most of the movie. Now it may not have been that funny of a movie or a good one for that matter. All I know is that I needed to laugh. And that movie delivered. We did miss the ending though since we had to go pick up our kids but we all agreed that that movie was just what we needed. And who doesn't want to spend two hoes staring at Channing Tatum

Saturday Gianna had swimming lessons. Afterwards we ran errands, went to a Mary Kay party and then came home where we all took a 4 hour nap. We woke up to a friend asking us over for dinner and off we went. We spent the night at our friends pool, where the kids enjoyed swimming and us mommies enjoyed a few drinks. My friends husband is gone too and she has three little ones. It's always nice to talk with someone whose in the same situation as you and who is just as stressed or frustrated. You can pour out your feelings without being judged. We both ended up texting the other after I had left saying that that night was much needed.

Sunday was low key. We went to church and headed home. The mood was somber in our house as we all really missed the hubby. Gianna especially kept asking for him to come home. After nap I tried to clean out my car but Murphy stuck it to me once again. Neither extension cord worked, nor did the shop vac or vacuum. So I gave up and the kids and I headed inside where we popped popcorn and had movie night.

Now that's it's Monday I feel ready to do quiet the week after such a relaxing weekend!!

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  1. I am so glad that you were able to have this time for you! You deserve it.