Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Summer So Far

I can't believe it's almost the middle of June. We are busy counting down th days till the hubby comes home and we leave for our family vacation. I don't want to wish the days away too fast though since I'll be returning to work in 3 months! How crazy is that

Now that the kids are older it's easier to plan and do things with them. However I have two totally different children. Ethan is content to entertain himself and is perfectly fine staying at home. Gianna is high energy and needs constant stimulation. It's exhausting some days to constantly have to entertain her

I try to do one outing a day and on days we have nothing planned we spend a lot of time outdoors. However since another storm hit us this weekend we no longer have a pool or a patio table. And the backyard is now full of glass pieces so our time in the yard has to be on the driveway or on the front. And since we were on pool number 2 this summer I probably won't be buying another. I will be calling a pool company about getting an estimate for an actual above ground pool. (The hubby doesn't know this yet) which hopefully I can scrimp and save for to have done sometime next summer. But that's probably wishful thinking. Any who I thought Id write about our daily schedule and get some ideas and tips from all of you out there. Here is what our week looks like

Monday- Gianna has ballet class at 10. Since it's right by the beach we usually go there or to the playground. This Monday we skipped ballet due to all of us being overtired. Big mistake. By noon we were all going crazy at home

Tuesday- nothing major planned. The movie theater in town has free movies on Tuesdays so we tried it out yesterday. Ethan was a nightmare. So I think Tuesday will be spent having people over for play dates or hiting up my friends neighborhood pool which she so graciously gave me the code to!

Wednesday- Story time/library days.
Both kids are really starting to love books and they love going to the library. Afterward I'll got up the park to let them burn off energy before heading home for a nap. 

Thursday- Snall group. All of my fellow co-workers and I decided to start our own small group. Since we all have kids we figured we could meet during the day and let the kids play while we do our study. We are starting Captivating. Has anyoe done that? I've heard such good things

Friday- Another free day. I want to designate this as our craft day but I'm not sure Ethan is ready for crafts yet

Our weekends are usually full of trips to the beach or birthday parties. Only a few more weekends till the hubby is home! So ready for our family to be complete again 

What do you do to occupy your time? I've found the day goes by so smoothly if the kids are out of the house till naptime. Then we come home for nap and everyone wakes up refreshed. I usually let the kids watch a movie or free play when I make dinner and after dinner they go for a run with me and then it's bath and bed time. I tried letting the kids stay up later than normal and they each got up a hour earlier than usual. My sleeping in plan backfired. Back to regular bedtimes it is!!

And of course Gianna has swimming lessons these next few weeks and come July she has a week of Fairy princess dance camp. After that we leave for Sanibel. I am so ready for a relaxing vacation.

Bring on Summer

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