Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Finnegans Lately

I snapped this pic of G at the park yesterday and as I was taking it I couldn't get over how big she looks. Next month she will be 3. 3!  Where did my baby go?
It seems like just yesterday I brought her home from hospital. In fact some days I wish we were back at those first few months of newborness. How I miss this days. But in reality she will be starting preschool in 2 and will no longer be at home with me 24/7. Good thing I'm teaching at the school she will be attending preschool right!

I can't imagine life without this crazy kid of mine. She is sassy, stubborn, strong willed, yet sensitive, sweet, warm hearted and generous. And she is smart. So smart. She picks things up easily and loves to learn. 

She loves ballet, princesses, swimming in the pool like a mermaid, going to the beach, and playing dress up. She has a slew of 8 dolls and stuffed animals that have to go everywhere with us and at night she sleeps with all those animals along with multiple blankets. Oh and she still sleeps with me. She will not sleep in her room. And in fact can't sleep unless she's snuggled as close to me as she can get. 

But don't let the princess stage fool you. She loves playing cars and dragons with her brother and she is fearless when it comes to the sport of furniture climbing and diving. 

Then there's Ethan.

I forgot how much I love this stage of toddlerhood. At 20 months we aren't quite to the terrible 2's and we are over the hardest parts of babyhood. Every day this kid learns and does something new. He's my go with the flow child. A little more sensitive than Gianna although he's starting to stand up for himself more and more. He probably listens and follows instructions better than Gianna does. He is a mommy's boy though that may change once daddy gets home.

He's my little goof ball. Always laughing and smiling. Right now he may be pouring a juice box over his sister's head and laughing hysterically. It's only payback for all the million things she had done to him

He loves playing with cars and dinosaurs. His favorite show is super why and he loves dancing to the music. He could spend all day outside and when it comes to the pool or beach he is fearless around water. Walks right in and tries to swim. Such a water baby

Life with these two can be tiring, frustrating and stressful but most days it is so fun and rewarding. Lets he honest. I'm not one of those parents who can't wait for her kids to grow up and leave the nest. I think I will always want them home with me. So time please slow down. My kids are growing up way to fast for my liking

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