Sunday, June 15, 2014


Dad's get the short end of the stick most days. Tv shows portray them as complete morons, sentimental commercials about parenting are geared more towards the mom's and there are countless books about the differences in men and women in regards to parenting and marriage. 

I myself am guilty of thinking my ways of parenting are superior to my husbands. Granted for the past few years I've been both mom and dad to our two little one's but that doesn't mean my husbands role isn't needed, or un-appreciated. 

Today's sermon at church was on this very same topic. The female pastor gave today's message and it was beyond amazing. She too admitted to micro-managing her husband when it came to raising their now adult sons and that she also found her ways superior to her husbands when it came to feeding, dressing and taking care of the kids. But she realized early on that she had to stop doing that. For while her husband did things different than her, her ways weren't always the better of the two.

And that really made me stop and think. My husband is such an amazing father and I never give him the credit he deserves. It's easy to get caught up in the frustrations and hardships of deployments instead of focusing on why he's away and appreciating all he does for our family 

Same with ways he deals with the kids. Sure we do things differently. I mean when I'm with the kids they are usually fed three well balanced meals, bathed, changed and entertained. My husband spends a few hours with them and I come home to them both wearing the same clothes I left them in and if I'm lucky he has fed them one meal. Usually spaghettio's. However the messy house is a good indication that they had loads and loads of fun. Priceless moments spent together that will never be forgotten. And for that I am grateful 

There are many things I excel at when it comes to parenting. And many ways I'm lacking. Same goes to my husband. But we balance each other out in the best way possible

From the moment our kids were born my hisband had silly songs made up for them. A song in Spanish about poop for Gianna which resulted in one of her nicknames and a course a song about Ethan's male parts. Some of my
Favorite memories of my husband are of him walking up and down the hallway of our house bouncing a little newborn singing away

And the singing doesn't stop. My husband can make up the best so g and games. He gets our kids laughing hysterically over the goofiest things. He can make anything into a game and he has such fun with the kids. He is clearly the fun parent out of the two of us

He teaches me to slow down. I like to go go go and plan every moment of every day. He has taught me that while the vacations and activities are fun and much needed, some of the best memories are created playing in the yard or reading a story together

Everything he does is for our family and our children. His constant depkpyments and TDY's were all for a promotion and an assurance that we will be taken care off after retirement

And what I love best about him is that he supports my staying home with the kiddos 100 percent. I couldn't ask for a better husband and a father to our kids. I love the life we lead and having him is what makes our family complete

When I first saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew 

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