Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tiny Dancer

Gianna had her dance pictures last week. We got up bright and early, did her hair and makeup and made the hour drive to her studio where she received her first ever ballet costume. She was thrilled. She ran around the studio in her costume, giggling and twirling with her friends ready for her pictures.

Then it started. One of her friends started melting down. Gianna held it together until right before her turn. Then the kicking , screaming and wailing began. She refused to take her picture and wanted to go home. Now I had just paid 60 bucks for 4 digital prints so I begged, bribed and pleaded with her to stop crying and to take a picture. She refused. After twenty minutes of this her teacher stepped in and bribed her with a sucker. So for her first ever dance pictures she is holding a sucker and glaring at the camera. Totally worth my 60 bucks right. Let's just hope she doesn't melt down on stage during her recital next weekend. Fingers crossed

This week I got to see some of the pictures taken and I had to laugh and hold back tears at the same time. The ones of her crying will be looked at for years to come, always with me recalling the tale of her picture meltdown. And the ones of her smiling will be looked at in awe with regards to how fast my baby is growing up. 

Isn't she beautiful

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