Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer 2014

There is nothing like summer love st the beach!!! Bebe'!!! But remember three days of fun and sun at the beach could become a lifetime...or thirty-one years...thought it would be a lifetime!!! But many happy memories remain...many made at the beach where it all began!!!
I love summer. I can spend endless hours soaking up the sun at the beach or swimming either in the ocean or at the pool. Growing up summer days were always spent outside. Turning on the tv was not allowed and I spent every day playing outdoors with friends, swimming in our pool. going camping with my family or taking our boat out to various lakes in the area. God I love Wi during the summer
And now as a mom to two little one's, I've adapted the no tv/play outside policy. Sunshine is good for the soul
Trying to entertain two toddlers who have the attention span of a bumble bee is another story. One minute they wan to go in the kiddie pool, the next they want to color with chalk, then go back in the pool. But for the most part they love being outside as much as I do and it is so fun watching their little imaginations go to work as they dig in a mud puddle, or make me soup in their playhouse or pretend to give each other bath's in the pool
I am also a big believe in activities that get kids out of the house, provide socialization and stimulation and enable the family to spend time together
As I wrote out my calendar for the next few months I had to laugh when I saw that my daughter has a better social life than I do.
In two weeks she starts swimming lessons, summer ballet and Fairy Princess Camp. That's right. Fairy Princess Camp. Why didn't they have that when I was little. Am I to old to sign up?
The camp is held in Seaside, so although it's an hour away from our house we tend to go there often during the summer and I think it's totally worth the drive
Ethan and I will be doing mom and me swim but he won't really get into any activities until next year
And besides Gianna's actual activities I hope to spend a lot of time at the beach, pool, the zoo or just playing in the backyard.
And of course in two months we leave for our family vacation down to Sanibel Island Fl. We went last year and can not wait to go back. And this year my family is joining us. Can you say free babysitters?
Look how little these two were last summer? While that vacation was a ton of fun it def revolved around the kids sleeping and eating schedules. And although Gianna was mobile and loved being in the water or running along the beach picking up shells, Ethan spent most of his time in the stroller or in the portable bouncer by the pool.
This year I have two mobile kiddo's who love the water and being outside. And with the help of Gianna's new Puddlejumper(lifejacket) she can now swim on her own. With supervision of course.
I can't wait for our vacation this year
What are some fun activities you do with the kids during the summer?

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