Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Growing up and now looking back on my childhood I have to say I was extremely blessed to have two of the most amazing, selfless people for parents. My childhood was filled with so many memories of long bike rides, fun family vacations, and supportive parents. They are a huge part of the mom I am today.
And while I consider my mom my best friend and love her to pieces, I don't think I fully appreciated all that she did for me and still does to this day
There are so many parts of motherhood that go unnoticed. The sleepless nights holding your baby just so so they can fall blissfully asleep. The nights cleaning up and caring for a sick baby, the endless piles of laundry that  pile up and need folding, all the cooking and cleaning that is taken for granted. Especially when that cleaning is pointless since your toddler's just follow behind you and mess everything back up.
Lullabies sung, potty training, cuddle sessions and endless kisses, boo-boo tending and  advice giving. There are so many more things that make up a mom.
And I am blessed to have had one of the best ones out there
Happy mother's day everyone

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