Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gianna's 1st Dance Decital


This past weekend was your very first dance recital. A moment I have imagined since finding out I was having a girl

It has been a rough year for you. You said goodbye to your dad more times than a 2 year old should have to. And each time he returned and left we dealt with a new set of behaviors and struggles. When I saw the sign for a dance studio at Boo at the zoo that started at age 2 I signed you up despite the hour drive. I knew it would be good for you. You needed some time away from mommy and Ethan. Time for yourself to literally just dance and have fun with kids your own age. Plus you needed to learn how to take directions from other adults

And dance taught you all that and more. It gave  you something to look forward to every week. You got  so excited to go to ballet class, to be with your friends and dance with your teacher. And although some days you didn't listen, or danced to your own music in the corner, I know you got a lot out of it

Friday was your dress rehearsal. You couldn't contain your excitement. When I picked you up from school you literally screamed and told everyone you were going to your ballet recital. You loved wearing Mommy's makeup, putting on your pretty dress and dancing with your friends. Although you didn't so your actual dance during the rehearsal you had fun holding onto your pretty tutu and twirling around on stage. Cutest thing ever. And watxhing you and the other girls giggle and hold hands, priceless. 

Saturday was the big day. Which of course meant you woke up in a horrible mood. You didn't want to go to dance. Instead you wanted to stay home and play with brother and the babysitter. You fell asleep on the drive to the theater and I breathed a sigh of relief thinking you'd wake up refreshed and excited. No such luck.

I once again applied your makeup and got you dressed. The whole time blinking back tears. Where has this year gone? Then it was time to stand in line. I would be signing you in with your instruction and you'd go and wait backstage while I went and found my seat. As we stood in line I noticed all the parents together waiting with their child and I hated the fact that your dad couldn't be here with you.

We made it up to the line and I handed you to your teacher. As you realized what was happening you looked like you were about to cry. But you blinked back your tears and a look of determination crossed your face. You took your teachers hand, and turned to me and bravely, with only a slight quiver said "Bye Mom"

Now it was my turn to blink back tears and hurry to find my seat. Luckily you were the first dance up. The curtain rose and I could see you freeze. The music started, and with your hand in your mouth you stood, frozen and didn't move a muscle. I wanted to cheer you on, or run on stage and tell you it was ok. Instead I sat there and clapped as loud as I could, tears of pride streaming down my face. Because although you didn't so the dance, you didn't cry, tantrum or run of stage. And even with you standing there frozen as a statue, you have never looked cuter.

Afterwards you were all excited and forgot all about standing on stage. We watched a few more dances and then left to go grab lunch together. I will always remember your first dance recital

For now our dance journey will continue. I hope you love and enjoy it and want to stick with it. However if you decide one day you don't want to do it anymore that's fine to. I will always support you, be proud of you and love you more than you will ever know.

More pics from the big day

I think I'm more excited about our matching shirts than she is. My first dance mom shirt. Woohoo

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