Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Weight Loss Journey

When Ethan was about 4-5 months old I had lost all my baby weight. I was exactly where I was when I started with him and I even used some of our tax return to go buy some much needed clothes that actually fit. Because although I was back to pre-baby weight nothing fit the same. Having two babies back to back changed my body. Where I used to only gain weight in my bottom half, I now easily gained weight in my mid-section. Where I was once a 34A I was now a 36DD. My rib cage expanded, my hips curved more and my stomach now had a little pudge that no matter what would not got away. But for having 2 kids so close together I was pretty happy with the way I looked
And then my husband came home from his deployment. My husband is the sort of guy who can eat fast food for every meal, snack on bags of chips between meals and pound down soda like it's going out of style, yet wake up the next morning and to baggy clothes. I'm the sort that eats a handful of cheetos and the next morning I've gained 10 pounds
In addition to now having to cook more now that the hubby was home, we also ate out and snacked more. Add to that the stress of his returning and my influx of hormones due to weaning myself off nursing Ethan I easily packed on the pounds. It wasn't long before I weighed what I did when Ethan was born
And I'm a fairly active person. The kids and I were always outside and I started training for a 5k. Yet the weight kept adding on. I was at my wits end. Finally my dad told me about the Advocare 24 day challenge. Right after Ethan's first birthday I started it and dropped 20 pounds. Not only did it help me lose the weight and jump start my metabolism it also taught me how to eat.
It laid out for me what to eat and when. Even though I ate pretty healthy it was amazing to me to find out that the vegetables and fruits I did eat a lot of, are actually the ones packed with the most sugar or have no nutritional value what so ever. And it helped me cut out carbs, coffee, creamer and wine.
I've been off the challenge 6 months now and have kept the weight off. I plan on going back to the strict eating plan starting June 1 but until then I now have the tools to live a more healthy lifestyle
Putting on clothes from last summer that now fall off is so rewarding. And I have to say I don't miss the fast food or junk that I used to find myself craving. I've already told the hubby that this time he has to not tempt me with his bags of chips or wanting to eat out every day. He has agreed, we shall see how that goes!
I thought I'd share some of my pics with you. Ekk typing this makes me nervous but I figure it will help hold me accountable
Me in 2007-AKA Pre-Marriage and Babies

 Last summer holding onto that baby weight

Summer vacation-Still sort of toned but heavier than ever
Day 1 of my Advocare Challenge

And Today

I still have some work to go. I've been drinking a little too much soda, wine and coffee lately and with my mom in town I ate out more than I usually do but once I go back to stricter eating I hope to see some more results.
I'm also debating about doing the 24day challenge again and selling advocare. I'm a huge believer in there products and can't say enough how it has changed my life

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