Friday, February 21, 2014


Shortly after we moved to Florida we discovered our favorite little spot of Fl. Seaside or 30A.
It's a planned community, one where the Truman show was actually filmed and we can spend hours there looking at all the beautiful houses both along the beach and behind the town square which holds some of the cutest shops and boutiques. Our favorite part of seaside is the row of food trailers

When I was pregnant this was heaven. There's a grilled cheese trailer, a bbq place, a hot dog trailer and a ice cream one. And it's not festival food that you would think you would be getting when ordering from a stand. It's all gourmet. We've eaten at every one and we can't decide which one has the best food. They are all delicious. Across the street, on the beach side are also some amazing places to eat. And the beach is quiet and beautiful. When the husband is home during the summer we usually end up here every weekend.
We took the kids this past Saturday. We trolled the shops, browsed at the farmers market, ate some yummy bbq and frolicked on the beach. It was the perfect day



  1. Ahhh! I love seaside SO MUCH! When we were stationed at Fort Rucker we'd visit a lot. So many happy memories there!

  2. i seriously LOVE your new hairstyle!