Monday, February 17, 2014

Big Girl Room

Back in July, when Gianna turned 2 we turned her crib into her "big" girl bed. A few weeks prior to that we had done a lot of traveling and while on vacation she had slept in a queen bed, in her own room the entire time and loved it. So instead of turning her crib into the toddler bed we turned it into the full.
We had no choice anyway. When we got her furniture set we did not buy the crib conversion kit. Since I was working at the time let's just say we spent an insane amount of money on her bedroom set. (well my family did, my dad's whole side chipped in for the set) and when we asked about the kit we were told it was something they would always carry. So when Gianna was a few months old we called to order the kit only to be old they don't sell it anymore though I could special order it from a few places for $500. Umm no thanks
So we searched everywhere for a kit that would work with our crib. No luck. So we ended up having to buy a metal full bed frame, nail some wooden pieces to it to make it sturdy and make that work.
Although fine, it is too high off the ground for Gianna and very creaky and unstable. We tried taking out the box spring but that makes it even more unstable.
Since she refuses to sleep in her bed anyway we haven't made a big deal about it. But now we have another problem. The bed takes up a lot of room. The kid's bedrooms are smaller than we would like making it unable for the kids to really keep toys in and play in there. We made our dining room our playroom but in Florida most houses have a open floor plan where the rooms all connect with each other with no walls to separate and we have toys spilling out everywhere and it is impossible to keep clean. Gianna has also started to go into her own room to play. I think she likes the escape from her brother
So the other day the husband and I talked about getting Gianna a smaller bed. One that maybe she would feel more comfortable sleeping in and one that would take up less space leaving her with more room to play. This weekend we went in search of a daybed with a trundle. Hardly any stores carry them so we ended up finding one on amazon. We went back and forth about what to do. technically we are not out any money since her bed now is just her crib made into a full and when she is older she can use it again. In the end we decided to do it and her new bed should be here soon
Today I got in her room and started organizing and cleaning. Now I want to redecorate as well. The poor husband. I'm sure he can think of other rooms in our house that needed to be decorated

Here our some pics of Gianna's room now

 And please excuse the mess, I have been declutering and cleaning and I'm still in the process of finishing

Here is the Daybed we ordered
I think it will give us a lot more space, plus brighten up her room. And maybe with some new sheets Gianna will actually want to sleep in it. Although we thought the bubble guppies sheets would do the trick. Nope!
And with her new bed ordered I have now been scouring pinterest for some room ideas.
While I love the pink color of her room I want something a little less babyish, but still fun and girly.

All sources found via Pinterest
I have a lot of saving and planning to do


  1. Her room is going to be so cute! :)

  2. That look fabulous already! I love how you hung up her dress up clothes!