Monday, February 10, 2014

Preschool and other changes around here

When Gianna was born I was the only one out of all my friends to have a newborn. Either they had much older kids, were newly pregnant or didn't have kids at all. So when I would hear my friends talk about preschool and kindergarten programs for their kiddo's I would listen and think to myself that I had awhile before I had to start figuring that all out. As I sat there holding my newborn I couldn't even imagine the day she would be 3. It seemed like forever away. And here we are  2.5 years later and preschool has been a topic of conversation around our house here lately. Time really does go by so fast

At first I didn't even think I would send the kids to preschool. When I met my husband I was working on my master's in teaching special education. I still have one semester left of my master's program. I never finished due to moving to Nc and no schools there had a similar program. Plus my job in NC required me to go to school for my certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis so I did that instead. Anyway, with all that background in working with kids and studying how to work with kids, I figured preschool was something I could do with the kids on my own. Down here in Fl, preschool is a little pricey and I figured I could sign Gianna up for dance and gymnastics instead which would be a much cheaper option than preschool. Plus she would be doing something she loved and get to be around other kiddo's her own age

But this past month I've had a change of heart. The month in Wi Gianna thrived and blossomed due to all the positive attention she received. Her behavior got better, she started talking more and she really started coming into her own. I know that part of that was due to maturing but it also had a lot to do with all the attention she received from her uncle, grandparents and other family members. Attention that I try to give her but that isn't always possible when the husband is gone. Its hard being both mom and dad to two kids so close in age!

 Plus she is a genius. She can spell her name, count to 15, knows all the letters and some letter sounds, colors, shapes etc. I think she needs to be in an environment that will challenge her, teach her to take instruction from other adults, play with other kids her own age and get a break from me. Yes I said it, I think Gianna and I need a break from each other!!

And here is why. In the last 18 month's the husband has been gone 15 of them. The kids and I are around each other 24/7. Gianna has my number so to speak. With the husband set to leave again in a few weeks I started worrying about how our family dynamic will change once again. So the talk of preschool came up. Even my mom called me one day to suggest that preschool would be good for Gianna.

So the hubby and I sat down and talked about it and decided sending her to preschool would be the best thing for her. He also suggested we put Ethan in one day a week. At first that made me sad, I figured I could use the time that Gianna's in preschool to have some 1:1 time with Ethan. Time that we never had together. But the thought of putting him in one day a week was quite tempting. It would give me a break, time to myself, a day to run errands and get everything done without the kids around. It sounded like the perfect opportunity to me

The preschool I wanted to enroll Gianna in  is also where we attend church. It is brand new, state of the art and beautiful. I put Gianna there one day a week after Ethan was born and she loved it. Her teacher is now our babysitter and I can't say enough good things about their program. Last year was their first year having a 4 year old kindergarten class and with the way the church community and school is growing they are once again expanding in hopes to have 4 VPK classes next year along with the preschool program and the daycare option

We went to church a few weekends ago and I asked when registration would be for the preschool. Last year they booked up really fast and people were put on the waiting list. The administrator told me by the end of February. On the drive home I then noticed that they were looking for teachers and assistants. I kept getting the feeling that God was telling me to apply. We got home and I brought it up to my husband. The hours would be perfect. It would only be part time, the kids would be there the same days I worked and it was at a place that I truly loved and thought I'd be a good fit for. So I sent in my resume

I had my interview last week and got the job. I will be teaching 4 year old kindergarten or VPK as others call it. I am beyond blessed and excited. While I feel that my calling is to be a mom and to stay home with my kids as long as possible, I feel like this job enables me to do that yet also do something for myself. The kids will thrive and flourish in their programs, I will be working with young kids again which I love and I will be off when the kids have off and so on and so forth

At first the husband was worried I'd be taking too much on but I think going back to work will have the opposite effect. I will get to go do something of my own, and the time spent with my kids will be more productive, more meaningful somehow

I know that sounds bad. I truly do love staying home with my kids. I can't imagine not having done so these past 2.5 years. But it's the managing the home that I hate. The cleaning, the laundry, the cooking. Yuck. I told my husband that crock pot meals would be a daily occurrence and that household chores wouldn't be as big of a priority as they are now, because if I am off from work I am going to be spending all my time playing with the kids and not worrying about everything else around the house that needs to get done. I try to do that now but some days I feel like if the husband comes home to a messy house he will start to resent the fact that I sit home all day and do nothing. We both know that is not the case, that chasing after two kids is fun yet tiring and that even when I do spend hours cleaning the kids tear the place up in seconds the minute I am done. But still that guilt kicks in and I feel like I need to have a perfect house along with being a perfect mom.

I will not be starting teaching until after labor day so I have these next few months to really focus on the kids and spend as much time with them as possible. I am so excited for this new chapter in our lives to start and feel like all around the decision to send the kids to preschool and me to go back to work part time is the best one for our family. God is so good. It's funny how he presents opportunities at just the right time

Still the thought of both kids going to school and not being with me all day every day is a little sad. I can't believe that I have two kids who are preschool age. It seems like just yesterday 6 month old Gianna was bouncing in her bouncer watching me while I started at a positive pregnancy test in dismay. Time can start slowing down any day now

In true Katie fashion I ordered some books off amazon on teaching. Does anyone have any good teaching resources, advice for teaching 4 years olds or any websites and things you can recommend?


  1. I think having her attend pre-school will be so great for her!

  2. Congratulations on the job!! That's so awesome for you.

  3. congrats on the job! how exciting!!! i also just registered avrie in a church preschool. i am SO excited for her and cant wait to see what she gets out of it- i know she is going to LOVE it!