Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February Reads

I took this picture at the beginning of the month. This was my stack of books to read for the month of February. Some I read, some I didn't and others I added to the stack. Here is what I read this month
Where'd You Go, Bernadette- This book is about a mom who struggles with terrible anxiety and one day just disappears. Her daughter starts searching for her leading you on a journey of putting all the missing pieces together. I truly loved this book. Such a fun, fascinating read
Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: I bought this book after reading an excerpt on another bloggers page. I did not finish it. I thought I was buying a book about de-stressing your life and focusing on what really matters. But the author's suggestions of how to do this involved writing out to -do list's then breaking down that to do list into priorities  and so on and so forth. For someone trying to de-stress this just seemed more stressful to me. Plus the author is in a totally different stage of life than I am. Her kids are all school aged and she runs her own business. I'm still in the midst of temper tantrums, the terrible 2's and constant diaper changes. I can't even shower alone let alone really sit down and brainstorm a list of priorities and then brainstorm some more  and write another list. That's just my opinion though.
Hands Free Mama: I am currently reading this book and it is life changing. I have read, re read, underlined and written parts down. It is one to savor and cherish. It is one of my goals to lead a more hands free life and this book is helping me accomplish that
Balancing it All I loved full house as a kid and couldn't wait to read this book. It was a quick, easy read. Although the book presents nothing new in comparison to other books about balancing priorities it is relatable and a good read. It's like sitting down with a good girlfriend and talking with life over coffee
What Alice Forgot I am about halfway through with this book. I got some library books that have taken priority over this one but hope to finish it soon
I started Peaceful Parents Happy kids but switched to It's Ok Not to Share and I am loving this one. It is probably the best parenting book I have read so far. It's very child centered and talks about how the negative aspects of childhood, the not sharing, hitting, kicking etc is actually good for children and helps them learn and grow. It shows you how to handle those situations and  instead of acting as if those occurrences are negative and  punishing the child for them, turn them into positive,teachable situations. Very thought provoking
The Summer Girls This book is the perfect beach read. I am counting down the days till beach season arrives. A fun story about 3 half sisters who return to their summer home after years of not seeing each other. The side story of one sister's encounter with a dolphin is fascination. Gotta love a fun, easy read

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  1. There's nothing like getting lost in a good book. I need to adopt a monthly book list and "Hands Free Mama" sounds like it was a good read.