Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Conversations with my 2.5 year old

Gianna has reached that age where she is talking more and more and soaking up things we say like a sponge. It is so fun to have conversations with my little girl and the things she comes up with are hysterical. Here are some of my favorites

The other night I was getting ready to go out to dinner with friends. I walked out into the kitchen where Gianna was coloring. She stopped, blinked and stared at me as though she was in shock. Finally she says "Wow, mom you look beautiful, like a pretty ballerina"
My heart just soared and also confirmed the fact that I need to put on something other than my yoga pants and actually do my hair and makeup more often.
As I put on my high heels Gianna asked me if I was going to go dance on tables. I busted out laughing. I have no idea where she got that from. Kids!

G: Mom, I want to color
Me: No Gianna it's time for bed
G: Mom, your so mean, get out of my room. (Picture this conversation going on with a 2.5 year old sighing at me like I'm so annoying and placing her hands on her hips as she talks to me) I can't believe this attitude starts this young

G: Dad, what are you doing? (Asking him this as he's wiping down the cabinets
Hubby: Wiping down the cabinets
G: Hands on hips, That's right dad, You wipe down those cabinets!
Apparently we have a little boss on our hands

Anytime Ethan is doing something wrong she yells, No Ma'm. You listen to mommy
Or when he wakes up in the morning she runs into his room and says, Hi Lover. I missed you Bubba Bubba bubba

This kid! Cracks me up every single day

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