Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ransoms and an update

I've been off the blogging train these past few weeks. We have been so busy lately that the time is just passing me by.

We are in the final countdown of this deployment. The only thing pending the hubs arrival is to deep clean the house. I cannot wait to have him home. The thing I am most excited about(besides grocery shopping alone) is that for once when Gianna asks for daddy he will be able to answer her! I can't wait for that moment

Gianna has her pre-op appt. finally after months of dealing with ear infection after ear infection our referral to an ent came through. Next week she will be getting tubes put in and her adenoids removed. As the surgery date draws closer I'm getting more and more nervous. But hopefully the tubes will be a big improvement

Thursday the hubs and I will have been married for 5 years! 5. And if course he won't be home. So a friend who shares the same anniversary and whose hubs is deployed with mine are going out. The babysitter is booked and we are going out to a nice dinner where we can eat in peace and enjoy a few drinks!

I have been on a reading kick lately. I stay up all night and read. Literally. I've read the Storyteller by Jodi picoult(amazing) Instant mom by nia Valdaros and am working on another book right now. I've forgotten how easy it is to get caught up in an amazing book. And how relaxing it is

Disney on Ice is coming to Pensacola in May and guess who bought tickets! I can't wait to see Gianna's face as we watch the show. I'm so excited

The hubs and I will be attending our first military formal. At first I was on the fence about going. That's a long night away from the kids but now I'm excited to go. I even found a dress. At Ross of all places. I paid 30 bucks for it and its currently in stores for 130. Sweet!

And that's about all that's been going on here. Just counting down the days until my love is home again

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  1. So excited for you that your husband will be home soon. :)

  2. so much fun stuff to look forward to! that book "protecting the gift" that i am reading, i am about 100 pages in and it's GREAT! you have to get it. i got it on amazon for about $7+ shipping. SO much valuable parent info.

    the date with your friend that also shares your anny date sounds like so much fun! enjoy!