Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrating 5 years

A dear friend of mine offered to watch the kiddos for me last night so the husband and I could enjoy a night out.

Since our five year wedding anniversary was the week before I wanted this night out to be special. I asked around for restaurant recommendations and decided on the Louisiana Lagniappe down in Destin

Of course it ended up being a cold and dreary day ruining my plans to wear a cute dress and us enjoying drinks out on the deck but we made do

The restaurant was amazing! Great southern food, steaks and fish. The atmosphere was relaxing and romantic at the same time.

When we entered the restaurant however everyone was glued to the tv listening to the news that the Boston marathon bomber was found hiding under a boat. Halfway through dinner the busboy told us they had him in custody. Everyone cheered! God bless Boston

After dinner we headed to target to get baby formula and that good stuff. I may not have put on this mask

While my husband played with light sabers down the aisle

5 years in and we are still total dorks around each other. Life doesn't get any better

Love you babe. Thanks for a great night

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  1. I love this, definitely something Kyle and I would do haha. :)