Friday, April 19, 2013

Life with 2 under 2-6 months in

My little man in six months old today. I can't believe at how fast time is going. When E was first born all I felt was guilt. Guilt that I wasn't spending enough time with Gianna, guilt over not enjoying more of Ethan's babyhood. Two under two was a definite struggle. I never thought I would make it. And today here we are. And it's easier and more fun than I ever thought imaginable.

Sure my kids don't nap at the same time, grocery shopping with a toddler and a baby in a carseat is a nightmare and running  simple errands is impossible since you have to unload the double stroller, take out both kids, get them situated in said stroller and then do that all in reverse after your errand is complete.

But looking back at that first month of adjusting to two under two I wish I could have told myself to calm down, take it all in and enjoy every moment. Here is some things I've learned with having 2 kiddos under 2

1. Take advantage of any mom's day out programs that are available in your area. Gianna is in one on Monday's. I use that day to run all my errands with only Ethan in tow. It is so easy shopping with one kiddo rather than 2. And Gianna loves the break away playing with kids her own age

2. If you have to take both kids shopping, park near the cart rack. Grab a cart and bring it over to your car before unloading the kids. If your baby likes to be worn take advantage of putting them in a moby or ergo therefore clearing  up room in your cart. If that's not possible try and grab a double cart if your store has them. Mine has double carts with a steering wheel in the seat area just for kids. Gianna loves pretending to drive the cart and it keeps her occupied while I am shopping

3. Let it go. A huge struggle for me was the pressure I put on myself to keep the house clean at all times. When the kids napped I would run around like a moron doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc. I had no time to myself and that would stress me out even more. Now I don't bother cleaning until the kids are asleep at night. Laundry I will wash throughout the day but even the folding waits until after bedtime. I use nap time to read, blog or watch tv and get some much needed mommy time.

4. Child number 2 syndrome. After Ethan was born  I always felt guilty.Like I wasn't able to enjoy Ethan's babyhood the way I did Giannas. When Gianna was born I spent all day laying on the couch snuggling with her and holding her at all times. If I put her down and she made a peep I was instantly at her side. Ethan def doesn't get that treatment. He was put down a lot on his swing or playmate and if he cried and I was busy with Gianna he had to cry. 6 month's later he is as happy and content as can be. I worried for nothing. Babies are going to cry, and they have to learn to entertain themselves. So don't feel so bad if you put the baby down to take care of some things. They will be ok

5. Don't compare. Of course  you are going to compare the kids to some extent. Ethan was def a fussier baby than Gianna. Gianna from early on was very  mobile whereas  Ethan is more of a talker. Those kind of comparisons are ok. Just don't sit there and dwell on the fact that baby number 2 isn't doing something when baby number one did it. All kids are different and develop on their own pace

6. Mommy groups bring sanity- I've joined a few mommy groups and they have been lifesavers. Playdates with friends and their kids provide us moms adult conversations and the kids time to play with other's their own age. It's a win for everyone

7. As fun as playdates and all that are some of my favorite days with the kids are pajama days. Days spent lazing around the house making a huge mess, cuddling on the couch and laying on blankets watching tv. Love me some pajama days

8. Enjoy the ride. It won't be long before your baby is a toddler and your kids are grown. And surprisingly you will miss those days. I look at Ethan now and can't believe how big he is already. Each stage of your child's life brings hard times and good times. Don't let them overwhelm you and try and go with the flow(so easier said than done) but it really is true!

9. A happy mom means happy kids. Don't be afraid to take some time for yourself. Since I've started using nap time as my mommy time I've become much more laid back, patient and less stressed. Everyone benefits. Laundry and dishes will always be there. It can wait

Life with my 2 gets better and better every day. I love them with my whole heart and am so blessed to be their mommy


  1. Awesome list thanks for sharing. BTW yayyy for your Husband being home with you & your little ones.

  2. I love this post, you are doing so great. :)