Sunday, March 10, 2013

The final countdown

The official countdown has begun! We are in the final stretch of this deployment. The hubs homecoming is still a few weeks away possibly months but the end is in sight. And boy am I ready for him to come home. I have an entire list compiled here of why my husband needs to come home. And now!

1. Whose my daddy. I took Gianna to open gym at the gymnastics place in town Friday. Normally it's a bunch of moms and their toddlers but it was a three day weekend here for all the army guys. Gianna followed all the guys around begging to be picked up. If a guy was playing with his daughter Gianna would run and try to get involved. It broke my heart. I know she misses her daddy terribly

2. My son needs a man in his life. Between swinging on Gianna's purple swing, playing tea party with his sister and watching sophia the first over and over on the Disney channel my little man is craving some man time. He def needs his daddy home!

3. I am so sick of coming home to an empty house. I detest it. There are days I pull up to my house and sit in my driveway prolonging the inevitable.

4. Mommy time- this mom needs some alone time. Not necessarily to go out and do anything outrageous but I would love to be able to shave both legs at once. Or to take a shower longer than five minutes.

5. I'm sick of doing house projects by myself. My husband wants the back splash done in our kitchen. He said it could wait until he got home. Now he wants it done before. I have been to lowes every day buying samples of tile and emailing him pictures. He seems to think its easy to go shopping with two babies. Ha! I'm ready to just grab some random tile off the shelf, get it done and tough crap if the hubs doesn't like it. J/k I don't want to waste money on something the husband won't like

6. Shopping- I can't wait to go shopping alone. Or at least have help when I have errands to run. Loading two kids up in a shopping cart doesn't leave much room for groceries. And a toddler throwing a temper tantrum in the store is a quick way to put me in a bad mood. I think one of the first thing my husband should do when he gets home is take both kids to run errands. I'm sure then he won't be so quick to bring up the fact that staying home with the kids is easy

7. I am super excited for us to finally be a family and to start creating memories as a family of four. I took the kids for a walk today and all of our neighbors were out grilling with their husbands and kids. I just want my husband to be home so we can enjoy normal day to day activities with each other

There are a million more things on my list about why I want him home but those are the main ones. I just have to keep forging ahead and counting down the days. We are ready for him. The kids welcome home outfits have arrived, the welcome home banner ordered and delivered and operation sexy mommy is in place. We love and miss you babe

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  1. So happy that he will be home soon! :)

  2. So close!! I want you to have a break so badly!