Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Earth's best veggie purees and a giveaway!

This month Earth's best introduced new Organic Veggie purees. These tasty purees offer a healthy meal for your baby, rich in Vitamin A,E,C and Zinc. The new vveggie purees are available in four delicious flavors including Sweet potato and beets, Carrots and broccoli, Pumpkin and Spinach and squash and sweet peas.

Adding to Earth's best current line of pouch products including Fruit and grain purees and fruit and yogurt smoothie pouches for infants and toddlers, these purees are the first all-vegetable offering from Earth's best. East to store and even easier to carry, this little pouch offers a big, flavorful punch of healthy nutrients and minerals to help your baby grow. The new veggie purees can be served as a wholesome meal for babies 6 months or older and as a snack for toddlers. Even more exciting, Earth's best organic veggie purees come in non-BPA packaging

Did you know that parents who eat more fruits and vegetables often have kids who are less picky and consume more fruits and veggies.

Also, a tip dealing with picky eaters. Don't pressure kids to eat. studies show that parents who pressure their kids to eat actually get kids with higher levels of pickiness and kids who eat significantly fewer servings of fruits and veggies

I'm here today to give one lucky reader the new variety pack of earth's best veggie purees! Leave a comment on the blog to enter this giveaway and for every fb post or tweet you post about this giveaway you will earn extra entry points! I will close this giveaway friday!


  1. I'm excited to try these when our little one is old enough!

  2. I loooooooove Earth's Best! I usually make food for Charlotte, but when I can't (like now when we're moving) I buy Earth's Best. Her tummy HATES everything else.

  3. We love Earth's Best foods. Did you ever announce the winner for last month, maybe I missed it?

  4. We love Earth's Best products and love all their little pouches! :)

  5. My little girl loves Earths Best's food! Especially pouches.