Friday, March 29, 2013

E's take on Mommy working out

Silly mommy worked out today. Who does she think she has to impress? I'm cute but all I'm concerned about are her boobs. You know what I'm saying! If those things go away how am I supposed to eat?

What's that. Oh mommy says she's getting ready for daddy to come home. Whatever that means. What does she have to get ready for? So you know what this woman called mommy did? She pretended I was a weight and did lunges, squats and bench presses. Then she got on her hands and knees and did these things called push ups. I got kisses out of it so I'm not complaining. Did I have fun. Sure what's not fun about watching a person jump around like a crazy person. or huff and puff about how out of shape she is. I just enjoyed watching my droll hit her face when she was lifting me up and down doing bench presses. I can't help it. I'm teething

Now Mommys passed out on the floor. Hello, Mommy? I'm hungry. Give me the boobs!